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Safety on myHobby

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We do the best that we can to ensure that you will get what you will be paying for! In the very rare event that you are not 100% satisfied, we will find you another tutor and the payment on the first lesson will be on us!

We Ensure Tutors are 100% Verified

We only want the best for our students and ensure your safety! For tutors to start teaching, they all must go through the 6-level verification process which includes their email, mobile, landline, address, social media and credit card.

Freedom to Acquire the Skill that You Want

We have a variety of skilled professionals who are experts on their crafts. Do you want to know how to dance, impress your family by cooking their favorite food? Or you want to be good in Math, you can be anything! We will take care of that!

Frequently asked questions

Questions For Tutors

What is your commission?

We do not charge Tutors. We charge students to pay services charges in region of 5% to 10% of the total payment amount. The percentage (5 or 10) depends on kind of services used and mode of payment.

What is difference between subject Tuition and Leisure Course?

At myhobbycourses, we offer a wide array of options for both students and tutors. Tuition courses are educational subjects that students can usually learn at schools and colleges. On the contrary, Leisure courses are extracurricular courses that help students broaden their exposure and learn a new skill while having fun.

What is your payment Cycle to Tutors?

We take around two weeks, i.e., 14 days, to process our payments. So, in case you finish a course by the end of October, you will be paid for it by 14th of November. However, in case the course you are offering is long, we can provide you with an option to receive half of the payment for the course after 50 percent of the classes have been conducted.

Do you get paid when you submit attendance?

Yes, marking attendance is a crucial step when it comes to marking your courses complete. In case you forget to mark attendance or just ignore it, your course will not be marked complete, and your payment will not be processed.

Where do I see my booking?

You can view the status of your profile, your courses, the classes you have conducted, and information on your booking on the sales dashboard. You can control all the parts of this user-friendly interface and optimize it according to your needs.

Can I offer Discounted Price?

Yes, as a tutor you can offer discounts to your students in order to increase your sales. In case you are interested in providing discounts, you can develop your very own discount codes and sell your courses via other platforms as well. At myhobbycourses we support such incentives.

Questions For Students

How do I pay for a Lesson?

MyHobbyCourses has a couple of options that allow you to pay for your lessons. One of the most used ways includes the debit/credit card or bank transfer.

Can I book for a Demo Class?

Since we are usually offering a different discount, discount codes, and coupons most of the time, students usually don’t feel the need for demo class

Do you offer Group Bookings?

No, we do not offer group bookings at the time and we are working on it.

Can I cancel my session after booking?

We have a total of four standardized cancellation policies, namely Open, Mild, Rigid, Firm. At the time of enrollment, we ask students to choose one of these policies. They are implemented to safeguard both class providers and consumers. Each course and tutor profile on our site has a listing of each provider’s cancelation policy. Consumers may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their program and then click “Cancel” on the correct provider/classes.

How do you verify Tutors?

We have an extensive tutor verification system where they are required to verify their Email address, Mobile Number, Home address, Social media handles, Credit card info as well as other professional references.

What Tutors Says About Us

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    Talia Laghzoui
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    Phil Newton
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    Olagbenga Jugbagbe
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    Kira Elliot
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    Jemima Miah

What Tutors say about us?