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3 ways students can stay safe while studying online in 2021

March 30 , 2021
16:29 pm
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MyHobbyCourses is committed to the success of our students, no matter what obstacles this year may bring.

Until Covid-19 vaccines are readily available, students will continue schooling virtually for the foreseeable future. 

We recognize that learning from home carries with it a special collection of challenges. That's why we want to help make this change even easier for you and your children.

While remote learning is on the rise, it is important to remember the risks associated with the online learning environment.

After September, cyber attacks in schools around the country have significantly increased. These attacks will spill very classified information that will potentially cost thousands of dollars to retrieve.

Fortunately, there are protection options intended to aid students to battle online learning.

Our online tutors take the time to tailor your learning experience and work with your timetable for optimum results.

It's important to know the various steps you should take to keep your family devices and personal details secure.

Small steps now will have a huge effect in the long term!

Taking a look at the three ways students can ensure protection when studying online in 2021 :

  • Understand the dangers associated with online learning

  • Learn how to stop an attack 

  • Know the merits and demerits of connected learning 

1. Understand the dangers associated with online learning

A cyber attack may mean the following :

  • Loss of personal knowledge

  • Installation of viruses and malware

  • Corruption in hardware

  • School delays/cancellations

Cyber attacks can capture personal information such as email addresses, download dangerous viruses, or even ask for ransom money in return for data recovery.

There is a possibility for any computer in your home to be affected by an attack if it is linked to a single central network.

Few attacks can be less invasive, such as gathering personal data, but more extreme attacks that attempt to download viruses to the device may take a lot more effort to try to patch.

Aside from personal threats, a security attack inside the school's data network will have widespread consequences.

If students are linked to the school network, the breach may hit all the computers connected to it.

Fortunately, solutions such as identity and access control systems are easy to incorporate and secure user accounts, reducing the risk of a cyber-attack occurring.

2. Learn how to stop an attack

Learning how to deter an assault should still be the first move in motion.

The first approach is to ensure that all passwords for your online accounts are identical.

When an account is hacked into, it would not allow that hacker to view the details of your other accounts.

Some people tend to write their passwords down on paper; others use password control systems to keep track of this knowledge.

Tip: update your password every six months or one year and come up with a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters for extra protection.

You can also improve your protection by changing your privacy settings on commonly visited websites and applications.

Social networking networks are infamous for not being clear about consumer data, so double-check the privacy settings to make sure they are at the standard you're comfortable with.

The higher your privacy settings, the less likely you will be the victim of an assault.

Most notably, no more spam messages from bogus accounts and friend invites from people you don't really know about!

For students engaging in remote tutoring to complement their learning,

MyHobbyCourses Interactive Classroom is a secure program that provides customized and secured access to a mentor anytime you need it.

The aim is for students to concentrate on their lessons and not think about future dangers when using their tablets!

3. Know the merits and demerits of connected learning

The Census records more than 93% of the U.K. Households engaging in any form of online learning in 2020.

While the transition to online learning has been an unexpected experience for students, there have also been several achievements.

Internet connectivity is a huge benefit if you are a form of learner who wants a definition that has been clarified in several different ways.

Using a search engine for any questions would give you immediate access to lots of information about that specific subject, so you don't have to feel stuck waiting on a video call in the classroom.

When your school's leasing equipment to students and friends, you don't have to think about distinguishing personal records and school-related papers.

While there are advantages of digital learning, there are still some pitfalls worth noting.

A common difficulty that students face when studying online is not getting the same access to help when they get lost.

We're here to help, of course. Our online tutors will reach you at your stage and help you accomplish your academic goals through these difficult times.

Another difficulty to studying online is a sense of disconnection from colleagues and peers.

As people feel isolated, they sometimes turn to their smartphones to communicate with others, so it's important to have good security measures in place! 

So, what’s next?

It's necessary to review the computer security measures, particularly if you're using borrowed equipment.

Emailing a school teacher or supervisor right away is also a smart idea if you suspect one of your computers may have been targeted.

Starting healthy protection practices now will ensure that the future infrastructure is secure as well!

You may also want to speak to your parents or guardians about what they're doing to keep their gadgets secure since you might point out where there's space for change.

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