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5 Ways to Get Most out of Fitness Classes in COVID 19

March 30 , 2021
17:35 pm
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With the risk of stagnation during the COVID-19 pandemic, remaining active is more critical than ever. Efforts to reduce the spread of the infection have forced us to change how and where we move, sparking an influx of online fitness courses. Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are redefining the "homebody."

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But with the exponential growth of living room bootcamp classes, it can be tough to sift between the good and the bad.

As researchers, health practitioners, and behavioral change specialists, and online fitness delivery, we want to help you get about comfortably, find classes you enjoy, and pick workouts that help you meet your goals—whether you're new to online fitness or not.

Safety at First

Are you ready to make more moves? The exercise recommendations associations prescribe a minimum of 150 minutes of mild to intense physical exercise during the week and two or three days of activity each week.

If you're only getting started, meeting or surpassing the requirements, self-screening and/or talking to the family doctor will help make sure you're able to move more. From there, consider the following:

  • The credential of the person teaching your class.

 Has your tutor completed an undergraduate degree in health/fitness? Have they been approved by an accredited board.  Your tutor's qualifications are critical for both your protection and the outcome of your fitness.

  • Checking in with yourself at during class.

How hard are you going to work? One way to track your commitment is by using a Perceived Exercise Ranking (RPE) scale ranging from zero (no exercise; for example, whether you're sitting down or lying on a couch) to 10. (maximum effort; the hardest you could ever possibly work). 

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While the strength ranges from person to person and differs depending on the exercise class, you should start by targeting your moderate to vigorous region (four to seven out of 10 on the RPE scale).

Another easy way to check in on the strength during class is by doing a talk test: if you can't hold a conversation when exercising, consider lowering the intensity. If you could belt out your favorite song, you could try to achieve a little bit of intensity.

  • Setting up the safety environment.

Is your home gym, the office, dining room and/or bedroom? Whatever your set-up is, make sure you clear some room, have some water handy, keep equipment off the side, maximize your view of your computer/phone/tablet, and remember what footwear you need.

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The Fun Factor 

What do you like to do about it? Bring the fun back to your exercise! As adults, we prefer to concentrate on exercises, not pleasure, but research shows that the easiest way to improve your fitness routine is to make your exercise pleasant.

This ensures that you can have fun during the workout, so that you can bask in the light of the post-exercise.

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If you get bored of your normal workout routine, change it! Today, more than ever, there are (nearly) limitless online opportunities for you to try—from dance to yoga, to wrestling, to bootcamps, and all in between. 

Also, to prevent boredom, consider variety (it is the spice of life, after all). Not only have researchers shown that variation is related to improved physical exercise, also recommended a number of exercises to enhance heart and bone wellbeing, body fitness and general well-being.

Access and affordability

What would you do, and at what cost? Some services have on-demand courses, others have live programs, and some have both.  (Check out My Hobby Courses Fitness Classes Now)

The Perks

What more are you trying to get out of your workout? Can you get additional motivational cues and encouragement, such as fast hints, check-ins or words of advice during your class?

A great fitness trainer has a vital leadership role and is central to maintaining a healthy environment—whether in person or on-line. 

We recognize that the motivational atmosphere created by your trainer is the secret to ensuring that you appreciate your class, which is as vital as the actual exercise to help you develop a habit of participating in daily physical activity. Instructors are also in a fantastic position to help you set and review your targets.

New to set the target or not to get that from your fitness tutor? Try setting a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) for your activity.

Always Be Kind to Yourself

How are you going to handle yourself? When you launch or continue your fitness journey, note, these are unprecedented times, and we've all had to make some pretty big improvements and compromises. Practicing self-compassion when you navigate your (new) workout regimen will make you feel better.

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Start by recognizing your self-talk: how do you talk about yourself when the class gets tough? If you think it's more negative than constructive, flip the script and speak about yourself as if you're a dear friend.

Can you think you're the only one who's struggling? Mind, all of us are new to online fitness and at various points of our fitness journeys. Building a new habit is never without its challenge!

Are you on the autopilot? Next time you start a workout class, turn off your emails and turn off your phone; concentrate on doing one thing at a time.

If the COVID-19 pandemic continues, physical exercise is one means of taking care of yourself physically, intellectually, emotionally and (if in a group-based fitness class) socially.

There are so many exercise options available that they can be daunting. These fast tips will help you initiate or continue your workout routine, try out new workouts with our coaches, and make lasting lifestyle improvements that encourage you to keep moving more—redefine the "homebody!" 

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