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Attention Parents: The Effects of Pushing Your Child Too Hard

March 30 , 2021
16:55 pm
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Academic achievement isn’t the be-all, end-all to living a healthy and productive life. It is essential to build long-term success through resilience to understand how to motivate your students - and when to give them the space to learn for themselves. 

It seems as if any generation of kids faces a higher threshold for achievement, on a rising number of standardized tests, getting into an Ivy League or top-tier college, gaining popularity in life and on social media networks, Most of their strive for excellence starts at home, where parents push children to perfection.

So, how does a parent strike a good balance between pushing their child to do their best and empowering them to do their best and grow as a result?

Measures of Success 

However, first, parents need to learn what true, viable progress looks like.

Long-term achievement involves good social and emotional skills such as persistence and curiosity, self-awareness, and the ability to withstand negative feelings, especially while facing a hardship such as loss (be it in schoolwork, job, or relationship). In other words, it is almost as necessary to learn how to lose and to recover from failure as to do one's best within one's ability.

In order to ensure that our children are not left behind, whatever our best intentions, parents mostly need an open and caring conversation with their children. Engage yourself. Know what your children are experiencing, particularly when they experience difficult times of their life, such as entry to high school and college.

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Adapt Opportunity to Ability 

In European education system today, overworking kids from an early age is a prevalent issue. Kids as young as five are forced into batteries of standardized tests to learn more and show their skills. We focus on "one-size-fits-all," accelerated curricula, instead of cultivating the mind of a child suitable to their age and skill through individualized study courses.
A enforcement mentality, not resilience, is generated by putting every child into the same instructional curriculum, and the outcomes often involve self-directed and concealed frustration, tension, and anxiety with long-term implications for the future success and mental well-being of children.

Building a Resilient Scholar 

Investment in the social and emotional learning of children, executive function skills, and nurturing their curiosity about themselves and the world around them is a healthy mindset. Will your child articulate themselves descriptively and freely? Or are they hindered by a fear that you and other adult authority figures, such as their professors, tutors, or coaches, will be disappointed? 

Parents play a central role in influencing how their children communicate their emotional and social needs. What is required is not a light touch, but the right touch: a combination of parental guidance and support for children to learn from their own attempts and errors with space and autonomy.

A bad mark or failure to win isn't a permanent setback, and children should be encouraged by parents to see these as growth opportunities.

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Being involved in the education of your child means knowing what to do or not building a resilient human being capable of self-discipline and self-discovery. It's a special relationship which is similar to mentoring. Stay involved to be a better guide, and push yourself.

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