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Do you love solving puzzles - discover Einstein in you with us

July 06 , 2020
12:03 pm
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Those times are gone when playing games, solving puzzles, or word crosses were considered a waste of time. It has always been a healthy exercise to sharpen your mind and increase productivity. If you are good at solving puzzles, playing Sudoku or chess, or any other puzzle game, it is the right opportunity for you to showcase your skills to the world.

It is better to be two than one when playing or solving puzzles as it brings synergy to the table and more productivity. Likely, myhobbycourses has created a platform joining the experts with ones who are keen to learn.

Solving puzzles by no means is related to education; however, a skill to teach and learn. A friendly atmosphere with a lighter mood can help in learning solving puzzles more promptly. A thorough interaction among trainers and learners, complete guidance from bottom to top, and initiating the love for the game are elements that need acknowledgment.

The best way to train anyone is through showing them practically rather than teaching or reading theories. When you solve a puzzle, your students will be like your audience, and surely there will be moments of appreciation and sometimes moments of demise because, as humans, we tend to make mistakes. However, the brighter side is everything will be live, and people will learn the tricks hands-on from you.

The motto is to build a community and encourage them to play and learn together. There would be no curriculum, obviously, in fact, the approach of going with the flow is applicable in these scenarios. It totally depends on you how to approach it and schedule the timeline as there is no rule of thumb.

Moreover, it will assist in understanding the basics of math while solving a puzzle, a win-win situation, and promoting the term, play to learn. It might help find a new talent or a perfect puzzle partner for you.

Brainstorming to solve brain puzzles. metaphor for teamwork and ...

The idea of building a community makes it convenient to think of the possibilities. The process of registering at myhobbycourses is quick and straightforward, within minutes you are good to go. Teaching online or going to the person’s place is up to you; you can choose the training method. Who would have thought earning while solving a puzzle would be possible, it is now.

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