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Eating healthy on a budget – 5 tips for students

September 11 , 2020
15:48 pm
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Staying healthy and keeping yourself fit is the most important thing especially for students. With fast-paced life and growing technology, we are surrounded by gadgets and apps that are making us lazier day by day. It not only impacts our health but will to do work, motivation, and creativity. Keeping yourself busy and into things can damage your health and discourage you from working out or doing recreational stuff.

The busy schedule and laziness go hand-in-hand and students prefer ordering food or eating out. It is not only unhealthy but costly as well. Income and time are barriers for students, therefore, they must plan and schedule their things. Eating out costs you more and provides you excessive calories whereas cooking processed food also costs more and the health benefits aren’t many. Eating healthy on a budget calls for your inner chef.

What to eat healthy near your exams?

Indeed, exam times are stressful and can make you depressed and stressed out. You need pampering and care, but who would provide that? Your roommate? Not a chance. When you are on your own, you need to manage efficiently.

Fish is great source of energy

What you need to eat is a food rich in nutrients and minerals. Fish is a great source of all the requirements as it has vitamins, omega 3 and contains lots of protein. Salmon or mackerel can be a perfect choice, but sardines is probably the best budget fish for a student. Try to make a sandwich with whole wheat bread as it will be a fulfilling and long-lasting meal.

Eggs can give you a head start

Eggs are the most wholesome food. There are so many varieties you can cook eggs, boiled, fried, or poached, however, you like. It is cheap yet highly enriched with protein, nutrients, vitamin B12, all of them contributing to a healthy brain. Starting your day with an egg is always fruitful and will keep you energized for the whole day.

Eat your greens

To be attentive and have a sharp memory, green vegetables are inevitable. In childhood, we always used to leave our greens and now we need them in our lives, what karma. Spinach, broccoli, and chard are some of the options you can add in your diet while eating healthy on a budget. As these are full of vitamin K, B6, and B12 helping to keep your mind alert and active, and storing as much knowledge as possible.

Not all butter is bad for health

Peanut butter is a prime example of deceptive food. It may look unhealthy, in reality, it contains healthy fat and protein. Having a peanut butter sandwich in the morning is another good option for a healthy diet and you can switch between eggs, porridge food, and peanut butter.

Nuts are the new munchies

Nuts and fruits occupy a vital position in your budget-friendly health plan. All the necessary nutrients and vitamins are available in these options, and they are the best food to munch on. Most importantly, these are natural brain food, so full points for being a healthy option.

What not to eat?

Following a healthy diet on a budget particularly for students is tough, but that does not mean one must avoid healthy options and opt for junk or unhealthy food. We have learned what food is good for the brain while preparing for exams, now let’s look into which foods to avoid.

Trans-fat seems appealing, but unfortunately, it is bad for your brain and can reduce processing power. It includes frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, etc. Try to replace these with nuts.

Try to avoid large intake of sugar as it can increase short-term memory loss and you don’t want to sit blankly in your next exam. Blueberries and strawberries are perfect replacements of yogurt or other fruits as it will sharpen the memory. Besides, it is not expensive.

The one thing you should consider replacing while on a healthy diet is fried food. Although it is convenient to order online, it has a negative impact on the brain. It increases the cholesterol and saturated fat level which can stop the free-flowing of blood to your brain. You can replace this eating habit with lentils, beans, and avocado.

Plan your meal to eat healthy on a budget

You need to be aware of the exam schedule before time, so it is possible to plan your diet accordingly. Prep your meal on a weekly basis. First buy groceries and only purchase items that you will use in your diet.

For breakfast, you can always opt for eggs or peanut butter sandwiches.

For lunch and dinner, try to cook it before and freeze it as it will save time. You can cook fish, rice, chicken, or veggies depending on your taste and mood.

For snacks and munching, nuts, fruits or berries are ideal options. Another important thing in following eating healthy on a budget is the intake of water and juices. Plan out your proper diet and set reminders on your phone, in this way you won’t forget or lose track of your diet.

5 best tips for students of eating healthy

Here are some of the tips that can help students to eat healthy on a budget :

1. Start cooking, it will save money and you will always be aware of what you are eating.

2. Keep nuts and fruits with you, so whenever you crave for munching, you can eat something healthy.

3. Hydrating yourself with water, juice or shakes is always a good idea.

4. Eat at regular intervals and set time for your eating.

5. Find simple yet healthy recipes and try them out.


You need carbohydrates, vitamins, and protein to keep your mind function properly. There is this misconception of eating junk food for keeping energy level up. Eating chocolate, drinking energy drinks, or munching on crisps are all unhealthy options and will negatively impact your body in the longer run rather try healthier options especially near exams for better scores. As a student, maintaining budget is a key to progress and all the foods mentioned are according to the student’s pocket.

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