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Is English literature a **** option to study at university?

September 11 , 2020
16:06 pm
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What triggers you to opt English literature as an option to study at the university? The answer is simple, books, and novels. As a child, we all grew up listening to fairy tales as a bedtime story and then went on to read fiction, non-fiction, thriller, or romantic novels. Depending on the taste and genre, we have read some amazing literature produced over time. The passion for reading has channelized into learning more about English literature. The scope of it is widespread as it includes character development, story-telling, variety of text, use of words, and approach to the readers.

However, studying literature at a university is quite different from what we learn in schools. Instead of one novel or book, we need to examine literary techniques, take guidance from various sources, learn methods of writing, and understand the inspiration behind the writing. In short, it is about scrutinizing the written text.

What career paths can you choose after graduating with an English literature degree?

Better communication skills

Apart from the vast knowledge, studying English literature at university can aid you to improve your written and spoken communication skills. Not only, it will teach you how to frame your narrative, argue your points, and analyze the meaning of wordings as well. But, to answer which career paths are suitable for you, numerous job positions are waiting for you.

Corporate positions

Of course, there are a few positions that specifically ask for an English literature degree like teaching role. Due to enhancement in communication skills, the new avenues have opened up filling a variety of roles from editor to the advisor.

Be a media person

A role in the media or publishing fraternity can easily be found demanding good communication where writing is the top priority. To make yourself employable and increase the chances of employability, it is advised to have some work experience before applying for the job. It is because English literature is a non-vocational subject and it is tough to be self-reliant on the theory alone.


An opportunity in a news or media agency is quite lucrative at this time because of social media and reliance on news online. Agencies are looking for writers who have credentials of working in a familiar environment. To encounter this requirement, one should participate in the university newsletter, magazine, website, or whatever publication you have.

News agency

The rise of print and electronic media is providing exceptional opportunities for covering stories and writing on it. This sector covers film, TV, news, blogs, promotion, PR advertising, and reviews. Along with choosing your passion for studying English literature at university, you can again choose your desired field of work.

Best-selling author

Another career opportunity for you is available in publishing. The publication encompasses a variety of areas like administration, production, editorial, marketing, public relations, and sales. To be able to work in it you must be aware of changing readers’ behavior and have a stronghold over literacy.

Noble profession of a teacher

The most famous or demanding job role for English literature graduates is teaching. For teaching at university, you will need a master's or a Ph.D. in a specific degree. Before that, some experience with young students is required. Myhobbycourses can help you with that. As a new candidate in this field, you need some experience for which you can sign-up with myhobbycourses as a tutor.

Online tutor

The experience of teaching is unparalleled as it gives you an idea of handling and communicating with students. Myhobbycourses allow you to teach English literature at any level depending on your skills. In this way, you can grow and expand the community of English lovers. On the other hand, you can have a competitive advantage when applying to the job as you will be familiarized with the practical field.

Why study English literature?

Your role as an English literature graduate is subjective as you can fit in many positions. Studying literature can make you creative, crafty, persuasive, and inspiring. Being an author or proofreading an article, or writing for a journal, it all makes studying English literature worthy.

The extensive research and reading develop the skills of creative writing which you can teach and earn while studying. At myhobbycourses, we have gathered students from all around the world who are willing to learn the art of creative writing. Through one-on-one sessions interacting with students live, it can boost your confidence as well.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are part of studying English literature. It is also true that studying English literature is an independent course and you are on your own most of the time. If you are looking for help and want to brush up your skills more, it is viable to gain knowledge and seek assistance. We got more experienced tutors with a great reputation ready to share a bowl of knowledge with you. Register yourself as a student and look at what we got in store for you.


It also helps you develop the essential skills required in this modern world like communication and conveying your point of view effectively. In other benefits, English literature sharpens your ability to read, write, analyze, and interpret. There are many opportunities apart from being a teacher, hence studying English literature at university is a fruitful option.


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