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Guidelines to Make Video Testimonials

July 10 , 2021
13:44 pm
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With the proliferation of online platforms, people seek further confidence that their purchasing is authentic, and user testimonials provide that evidence. That is why genuine customers are required, as viewers can see right through hired actors and scripted dialogues. Additionally, offering to write customer testimonials for a firm you admire is a simple way to express gratitude for their excellent job.

Whichever side you fall into, customer testimonial videos are rather entertaining. However, for those who are apprehensive about their customer testimonial debut, here are some tips.

Testimonials are crucial for the growth of any tutoring business. But, as tutors, we can (and really must) do better.

Before we get into the practicalities of obtaining meaningful tutor testimonials, it's critical to understand that word-of-mouth referrals are the lifeblood of your tutoring career. This could be due to the hyper-stimulated, ad-addled environment in which we live, the interpersonal nature of one-on-one tutoring, or the concept of age-specific role modelling.

Video testimonials are also critical. Your testimonial will be posted expertly on our company's website and social media channels.

Thus, how do you win at testimonials?

Video Structure

Introduce yourself

Start with a concise introduction, and don't forget to mention your qualifications and special skills. Then, make sure you talk about the experience and knowledge you can share with potential students.

Your Experience with myhobbycourses

Talk about how was your experience interacting with myhobbycourses as a tutor? What you find different What's something that stands out about our business? What do you enjoy?

Invite students

Don't forget to invite your students to a tutoring session with you.

Keep it short

The optimal video length is up to 25 seconds.

Video Style

  • Be precise, simple, and welcoming. Use simple sentences.
  • Make an effort to be unique and different from other tutors (but please avoid animations and special effects unless you are confident that you are doing it right)
  • Throughout the video, speak in the language you teach. If you teach many languages, go ahead and show that as well!

Video Quality

  • Make sure your video recorder has good video and audio quality.
  • Record in a brightly lit location against a lovely backdrop (a plain solid-colour wall is a perfect choice).
  • Avoid cluttered backgrounds, as they draw attention away from you.
  • If you are recording with your smartphone, please hold it horizontally.


  • Keep your voice loud and even
  • Wear a simple and formal dress to make video
  • Make sure your room is well-lit
  • Record your video horizontally
  • Be nice, friendly, and natural
  • Check your mic and camera before recording


  • Add logos, banners or ads
  • Share contact info (email, phone number, Skype)
  • Start teaching (save it for the lessons)         

It takes less than a minute to submit your video testimonial.

  1. Fill in the form attached with the email sent to you.
  2. Give your testimonial a name like "Great business!" or "Awesome service!" and a brief description.
  3. Using your smartphone or laptop camera, record your testimonial. Tell us about a great experience you had or what you love about our business.
  4. Don't be shy! A short 25-second video is excellent. If you'd prefer not to use video, input your text in the description section.
  5. Re-record if you didn't like the first video.
  6. Upload that video to our Gdrive link mentioned in the email. Add that link in the form.
  7. Hit submit, and you're done! Thanks!

A few tips:

  • To make sure your voice comes through, go to a quiet area with minimal wind or background noise.
  • Find a comfortable spot with an excellent background, like your office or a calm place outdoors
  • If you're indoors, turn on extra lamps for good lighting. If you're outdoors, find some gentle sun.


How will your testimonial be used?

We share testimonials on our website, marketing materials, and social media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By submitting your testimonial, you permit us to share it. If you have questions about how we use testimonials, contact us.


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