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Helping your teen choose their subjects

September 11 , 2020
16:00 pm
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Kids are growing up and now it is the time to choose subjects for GCSEs or Nationals. You might be more anxious than your kid because it is about his/her future. Choosing subjects can make or break careers, therefore, it is important to get it right the first time.

There are so many options nowadays, that it can be confusing especially when you are indecisive. Leaving school behind is hard in itself and then the peer-pressure of friends and other groups aiming to get admission in the same subjects. All these factors pile up into a crunch moment and as a parent, you need to help your teen choose their subjects.

As a parent what can you do in choosing the right subjects for your teens?

Is it okay to panic? Yes, but not on our watch. First of all, you need to have a conversation with your son or daughter. Listen to their opinions and choices, what they want to do in life. Discussing options can open many opportunities. Tell them about the pros and cons, features, incentives, and drawbacks of every career they share with you.

If they are unclear on choosing the subjects then ask about which field attracts them. As English, math, and science are">compulsory subjects in the U.K one can experiment with optional subjects. 

Notice their grades in any particular subject and see which are improving or have reasonable marks. Maybe your teens’ focus is shifting towards that subject and you can advise on that.

Talk with their teachers and ask if they have shown flair in any of the subjects. If they are struggling with a particular subject, never force them to opt just for the sake of a lucrative field.

As a parent helping you teens choose their subjects is a vital responsibility. Hence, you should also investigate or research on the subjects. Review the changing trends and shifting paradigms of the world. Think of the future and there is no need to suggest outdated or cliché subjects.

Do’s for a parent

Identifying new options and fields to explore can help your teen in deciding subjects. It usually happens when a child is confused and hasn't decided what to become. It is your job to lay out all the possible subjects for their convenience.

Seek career counseling in school. Most of the schools have a Head of Careers who can help your teens in choosing subjects. You can ask any query with them and they are obliged to answer.

Warn the teens or make them caution of choosing subjects just for the sake of friends or teachers. It won’t do any good and it would only seem amazing in the short-run. Who is going to stay no one knows and that must be taken into consideration.

It is also possible that you won’t agree with the options chosen by your teens. You can share your opinion and only give logical answers, but never try to talk them out. It is better to compromise on certain things especially when the future is on the line. If your kid wants to follow the passion then let it be. The world has opened so many avenues that there is no field in which you cannot earn.

This act will boost your teens’ confidence and build trust. As a first major decision about the future will bring a positive attitude which is amazing to have at an early age.

Assess your teens’ strengths and evaluate them. Why? Because it will be beneficial for your teens to choose subjects in which he/she is strong enough and has a competitive advantage.

Precautionary steps for parents

Before diving into your kids’ lives or enforcing your choices as a parent you need to prepare yourself. The following are some measures you can take and help your teens’ choose their subjects.

  1. Regularly attend parent-teacher meetings and parent-teacher conferences. You can learn a lot about your child’s interests and behavior. Discussion with the teachers can give you insights so you can base your options on it.
  2. Parental involvement is highly appreciated by any school. You can ask to meet teachers, counselors, and the principal any time you like.
  3. Do visit the school facility and scroll through their website to gather much information. Talking with your teens about the school can open them to you resulting career consulting talks.
  4. Make them enroll in some leisure courses or beginner level classes of preferred subjects. In this way, you can evaluate their interest. Myhobbycourses gives you an option of">keeping track of your teen’s progress and provides numerous options to study from.
  5. Helping your teens with homework and assignments can build a strong relationship. Provide them a distraction-free atmosphere meaning free from noises, TV, phone, etc. Besides, you can check on them regularly and ask if they need any help.

Sharing your experience with teens can help them decide which path to choose. Talking to them and getting involved in their decision making can assist your teens to choose their subjects. Lastly, by taking them to your work or a friend’s workplace (of teens’ preferred job) can be helpful as well and let them feel the working environment. This step can be fruitful if they desire to do that job.

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