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How can it be helpful to do Vedic math without pen and paper?

July 06 , 2020
14:29 pm
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The use of logic in Vedic math has made the techniques of solving mathematical calculations simple and less time-consuming. Those sums which require a calculator or a pen and paper with Vedic methods all have become mental calculations, and in a mere of seconds, complex problems are solved mentally. The simplicity of these techniques has made people more flexible and inventive ways to calculate specific problems.

Vedic encourages creativity, and the objective is to use logic behind the question and not limit to just one method explained in Vedic math, and produce personal ways of solving. It will lead to more intelligent, creative, and intellectual minds. The interest in Vedic math is increasing and rightly so because it saves time for students in exams and quizzes.

Teachers also use these tricks to make their students understand the bases of mathematics. There are also many possibilities of developing a practical and straightforward application of Vedic math techniques in geometry, calculus, computing, etc.

Vedic math claims to be the fastest way of calculating, and you have seen people solving complex math arithmetic problems in seconds due to Vedic formulas. It is a fun activity to practice as it can eradicate the fear of math in your children, and with daily practice, questions can be solved orally. The interest in the subject can be restored, which is necessary at the moment. While learning Vedic methods, academic performances can be enhanced, and you can achieve good grades.

With the constant use of the mind, this hobby can sharpen the mind and improves mental agility and intelligence. The memory is improved while obtaining higher accuracy. It does help improve the speed of solving problems and makes the brain more prompt in making decisions and analyzing the risks and benefits.

Becoming self-efficient and useful in a hobby, particularly in math; it boosts self-confidence and improves self-esteem. It might also help find your passion and interest in numbers and encourage you to add innovative tricks to solving math problems. Like any other hobby or activity, Vedic math can be learned, and you can build a knowledgeable base of numbers. With practice and application of Vedic formulae, you can master this form of art provided; you know your tables.

To better understand how Vedic math is easy and how it can be beneficial, there is an illustration of squaring any number down below.

What will be the square of 102? The first thing you would do is open your calculator and solve it, but where is the fun in that. The Vedic method has explained the solution in five easy steps.

Step 1 : Select a base closer to the number; for 102, the closest is 100.

Step 2 : Find a difference, 102 – 100 = 2

Step 3 : Add the difference with the original number, 102+2 = 104

Step 4 : Apply multiplication of the result with the base, 100x104 = 10400

Step 5 : Add the result with the square of the difference, 10400 + (square of 2) = 10404.

Once you have the grip over steps, you can solve problems mentally with ease. Vedic math is a refined mathematical system promoting and encouraging anyone to learn the tricks and master them with practice and be more efficient and prominent in mathematics.

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