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How can online tutors spark innovation in students?

July 06 , 2020
16:43 pm
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Learning is also following the path of other habits of becoming digital. Digitalization is reality, and traditional teaching approaches are outdated. Now, it is all on your fingertips. Online classes or CBT have allowed you to learn at your own will and pace without worrying.

There are numerous resources from which students sharpen their skills. Still, there is a drawback of mind wandering away and restriction on enhancing students' creativity and innovative thinking as it is the duty of a teacher to explore this aspect.

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Whereas through online teaching, myhobbycourses has allowed teachers to reach anywhere in the earth and connect with the world and students globally, which is not possible in physical teaching.

A teacher can be available in one place only while teaching physically, and it is exhausting to travel back and forth. With online teaching, it gives a teacher a wholesome reach and accessibility to many countries from just one spot.

If you are a teacher/instructor or have expertise in any skill, it is the right time and opportunity for you to build a community across the globe and reach the students you could have imagined.

Besides, for students, online teaching is a treasure chest as it allows them to learn from the best and different resources available instead of just a coursebook. Teachers enable students to be creative and innovative with their thinking and learning process.

To do so, you can present additional material for learning to increase the knowledge and relevance of the topic. With the internet in your hands, it is quite convenient for you to share material that is helpful and different from the traditional course material.

Interactive sessions are really important for a better learning experience, and to boost the confidence and innovation of a student, open-ended projects are necessary. The assignments which need teachers' instructions and guidelines are outdated and do not contribute to a student's thinking ability. Instead, you can assign students an open-ended project and test their ability to think and improve.

In personal teaching, individual attention is attained by the students, and communication is of quality helping students to understand the course well. It is also significant to share the resources and materials rather than teaching them how to do a task as it can be demeaning and discouraging.

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Rewarding upon innovation is a way better measuring methods than grading scores. It encourages students to be thoughtful even when learning at home. By sharing their work online or with other students boost the confidence of them and increase motivation.

For private tuitions of younger students, a token of appreciation like small toys can be a good incentive that will motivate them to study and perform well.

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