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How to Create an Attractive Tutor Profile to Get More Students?

June 21 , 2021
15:21 pm
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The description, photo, reviews, verification, and information are the most important aspects of creating an attractive and trustworthy presence on myHobbyCourses. If you can complete these stages, you will be able to complete your myhobbycourses profile. Let's take this procedure step-by-step and look at it from beginning to end.

What is the reason for requiring a profile?

It's simple: the more information you provide, the greater the likelihood that you will make more reservations. A strong profile demonstrates to those who are unfamiliar with you that you are trustworthy and honest.

Strong Profiles Include:

  • Multiple verifications are done. 
  • At least 500 words describing your hobbies and interests, your motivation for joining, or anything else you think people would be interested in knowing about you.
  • Provide at least one current profile photo that clearly displays your face so that your Students will be able to identify you when you arrive at the tutoring location.

Make a fantastic description of your Profile.

It might be difficult to describe one's own personality. Many people would argue that they are ineffective at such endeavours. Writing a description for your MyHobbyCourses profile, on the other hand, is required while creating your profile. Students gain an understanding of your hobbies and professional background as a result of this section of the process, which is critical.

While you are writing your description, your goal is to sell yourself, but you must subtly and effectively. Instead of using formal language to describe oneself, use a more conversational tone and speak about topics that your visitors can connect to. You should come out as pleasant and accessible, and you should keep your tone light and unintimidating. The following are some questions that you should strive to address while talking about yourself; they are:

What are your hobbies, qualifications, and areas of interest are you interested in?

What is it about teaching that you enjoy?

What do you consider to be your favourite aspect of being a tutor?

Where have you previously worked as a teacher?

How many languages are you fluent in and how long have you been speaking?

Answering these kinds of questions should be completed in 500 words. 

Create an eye-catching MyHobbyCourses profile photo.

You should choose a clean and attractive profile image for your MyHobbyCourses Profile. Using images of landscapes, cartoons, characters, and other such images as their profile photo are common, but it is something that you should strive to avoid doing as much as possible. Instead, it is advised that you use an image of yourself as your profile photo. This is due to the fact that displaying your photo provides your students with a human face to place beside your name. This assists them in developing a deeper understanding of you, which makes it simpler for them to trust you.

You should also make certain that your image is attractive and well-groomed before posting it to your profile page. Your eyes should be able to be seen clearly, and you should have a pleasant grin on your face. Also, keep in mind that you should take your photo in a bright and vivid environment rather than a shady one.

We provide you with easy options to upload images 

  1. Upload your profile image at "MY ACCOUNT".
  2. Send us your image via Email and we upload it for you.
  3. Give us your social media profile link and we will pick the best image from there.


To make your first impression and increase sales, follow these guidelines.


  • Add clear profile mage with good resolution.
  • Your face should be visible prominently.
  • Upload an image with a smiling face.
  • Add an image with a background relevant to your expertise, if possible.


  • Don't add blurry images.
  • Don't add dark images.
  • Don't add images with messy or dark backgrounds.
  • Don’t add images other than yours.

Take care of Verifications

Scams are a regular source of concern for students who book lessons. As a result, you should verify your credentials in order to boost their trust and alleviate their concerns. Providing your email address, picture, address verification, phone number and credit card, professional reference, and social media verifications, you can verify yourself and get a Bronze to the Platinum badge on your profile. 

This will improve your trustworthiness, and it will encourage pupils to believe in the information contained in your profiles. Additionally, students will be more likely to pick you over other tutors who do not have verified myhobbycourses profiles, which will result in an increase in the number of bookings for you.

Final Thoughts

It is critical to have a myHobbyCourses profile. It provides others with a reason to put their faith in you, and dependability is quite important, especially while coping with the concerns associated with Covid-19. As a result, in order to ensure that your students have all of the information they require about you, you should ensure that your myHobbyCourses profile is visually appealing and is updated on a regular basis. This will increase the trust of your students and increase the number of bookings you receive!

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