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How to Find a Tutor in COVID 19?

March 30 , 2021
16:34 pm
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As we all know in this Pandemic, it has become a major concern for parents and students to find an Online Tutor for their academic help.

They need teachers/instructors/tutors whom they can trust. Someone who can guide them and help them properly without creating fuss and confusion.

So, What are the Main Criteria for a Qualified Tutor?

How students or parents will get to know whether the tutor is trustworthy or not? Whether we should hire him/her or not?

All these questions revolving around their minds, make it more complicated. Let’s not worry about that here is the main criteria for hiring an Online Tutor :

  1. Ability to Communicate Properly
  2. Compassion, Patience, Understanding
  3. Highly Experienced in their Subjects
  4. Strong Listening Skills
  5. Passion for tutoring and help people learn at various levels
  6. Ingenuity in Study Plan and Innovative Teaching Methods
  7. Verified Background Checks
  8. Determination, Passion, and Talent.

Moreover, A Tutor should have the knack to sense and feel whether student faces any trouble in understanding the topics.

Not end over here, a tutor should have the ability to gain student’s trust and confidence so that they can open up to him/her about their shortcomings.

MyHobbyCourses is the UK’s first Online Tutoring platform which provides the verified tutors at highly affordable prices to meet your learning needs. You can find Verified Tutors within few seconds.

My Hobby Courses is a true example of transparency. You can find each and every detail on the tutor’s profile.

Before Booking a Session with Tutor you can have a chat with tutors for better understanding. My Hobby Courses has made finding a tutor online pretty easy for parents and students.

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