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How to Help Your Child to Overcome Performance Anxiety?

March 30 , 2021
16:58 pm
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Nerves are life's truth. By making your child feel more relaxed in front of others, you will help them conquer some performance anxiety.

Kids may find the feeling unnerving, whether it's being on a platform or in front of class. After all, irrespective of age, public speaking is a popular fear.

When speaking in front of people, it's natural to feel nervous, but it can become overwhelming when performance anxiety inhibits our ability to work. Factors include the temperament, personality, genetics, and learned actions of a child.

Fortunately, there are ways for performance anxiety to be controlled and resolved. You will unleash their public speaking ability and reinforce valuable listening and social skills by encouraging your child to conquer their fear.

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Provide Space to Practice

Practice really makes perfect, or at least makes difficult scenarios familiar. Ensure that your child has enough space, alone or in front of you, to practice speaking. To improve their ability to accurately pronounce and project words, they can speak slowly and aloud.

Foster Interactions 

It's best to get more intimate experiences under our public speaking belt before our moment in the spotlight. Children should take the chance to socially interact: ordering restaurant meals, telling stories with family and friends, calling relatives (the fantasy of every grandparent). In a public speaking engagement, children will understand how to behave, sound, and respond the more they practice speaking at length.

Using Stage Techniques 

Stomach butterflies are no strangers to stage performers until the curtains open. They reach a "neutral" state of mind, cool, disconnected, centered on the story that they would enliven on stage, to compensate. What's more, they know they're staring outside the crowd, not at them. These same strategies will assist your child to conquer the anxiety of being watched.

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Self-Reflection Practice

In general, kids do best when they're self-aware. Self-reflection is a valuable tool that translates over into academia and future professions, simply by writing down their thoughts or learning how to speak to themselves about those feelings. It's also a perfect stress-busting tool that comes with examination time. Encourage your child by opening yourself up with empathy and kindness to freely focus on their fear.

Model Right Behaviour 

To lead by example, parents are in a prime position. In taking on the role of public speaker yourself, giving your child an extra moral boost. In front of them, practice a prompt aloud, paying particular attention to how you express sentences and use gestures to illustrate points or hold an audience. It's a chance for you to improve your own talents, too!

Overcoming performance anxiety is not an overnight task. However, by fostering regular practice and creating an affirming atmosphere where children can play freely and without judgement with resources and strategies, parents can take an active role. Connect with myhobbycourses, Our Tutors will help your child to boost their level of confidence in order to overcome their performance anxiety during class or any other public speaking platform. 

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