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Welcome Learners, to My Hobby Courses,

where hopes become accomplishments and dreams become a reality.

Have you ever wanted to try something fun like ballroom dancing; or learn something new and challenging like portrait painting? Better yet, have you ever wanted to transform a certain skill or leisurely hobby into something profitable? Well, here at MHC, you can do all that and more. We’ve gathered the most skilled artisans and educators in the world, and placed all their knowledge at your fingertips.

Take course in hobbies that are unique, exciting, and culturally engaging!

Have a look at our selection and you’ll find that we’ve taken time to implement courses that range from simple and practical, to recreational and rare.
Here are some of the benefits of enrolling with us:
  • New, exciting courses are added regularly.
  • Most of our Tutors/Educators carry various certifications and years of experience. They are also personable and seek to accommodate all learners.
  • From amateur to expert, certain courses offer multiple levels of training.
  • You can access culture specific activities without traveling across the globe.
  • We carry rudimentary courses for children to be engaged as well, especially after school or during the holidays.
  • There are options for every budget, and we are regularly offer discounts and sales
  • Courses are taught by local experts, some right in your area
  • Courses are available right at your doorstep so you can master your craft remotely, from anywhere in the world
  • Learn how to market your skills or sell your artistic creations for a profit
Want to know more before you jump in?

We know that you value your time and money, so we’ve made the following accessible to you in ordered to leave you fully assured

  • Attend on free workshops to get the taste
  • Watch video previews from Tutors
  • Read reviews on  courses
  • Review our flexible refund policy in case you decide to cancel a course
  • Listen in to see if you’re comfortable with an instructor’s accent, and can connect with their teaching style
  • Watch video testimonials from past students who have benefited from My Hobby Courses
  • For more information, please visit our FAQ section.

Where to sign and when to start:

Sign up for a course by viewing the categories and selecting your interest on our homepage. Once you select an option, you will be able to see that course’s times, dates, prices, and locations. You will also see if there are multiple sessions or any prerequisites. When browsing, you can sort courses by location as well as reviews, price, and votes. You start as soon as you are ready. Some courses have multiple weekly sessions and limited space, so it might be best to book in advance. However, many of our courses are open for enrollment till the start date.

Relax, you’re in good hands:

We take tutor credentials and feedback from our customers seriously. Only courses with great reviews and proven results continue to be a part of our program. Our educators are initially put through a rigorous process to ensure that they have good communication skills, patience with learners, and an organized curriculum. We also encourage our instructors to have current certifications, and we verify those regularly. Health recommendations and safety precautions are clearly laid out for all physically demanding courses.

What are you waiting for?

After all, life is not just about existing and making a living. We want to help you add meaning and value to your experiences while living out your purpose.

We believe that dreams can become goals, and goals can become reality. With every skill attained, you have access to a new tool for living, or even a new dimension of enjoyment to your experience.

We enhance our abilities and even learn new things about ourselves when we maximize our spare time by pursuing a hobby. And of course, there is always a strong chance that these skills can become sources of side income or even full-time careers. Can creativity and pastimes open doors to a whole new world?

We believe the answer is yes, and it is found right here at My Hobby Courses.