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How To Make Your First Tuition Lesson A Success?

July 06 , 2020
13:45 pm
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This blog post will elaborate on how to make your first tuition lesson a success as a tutor and as a child. It does not matter if you are an experienced tutor or a beginner; every tuition has the first time. To make a solid first impression as a lot depends on it, it is better for you as a tutor to be prepared.

Preparation : Preparation is the key to making the first lesson successful. To do so, it is your responsibility to gather all the information about the student's topics and ask them a day before to bring all the relevant materials.

As a parent, you can help tutor in understanding your child's weaknesses and ask their help for respective topics. Reconfirm the time and location if you are sending your child as it can be beneficial and clear any misunderstanding regarding it.

Right environment : The right environment can set the tone appropriately. Setting up a separate study desk without any distractions and noise is helpful for better concentration. As a parent, you can brief your child before handing him/her to the tutor because it would be a first time, it is necessary to explain the reasons behind tuitions and answer any of their queries.

Achieve comfort : Making your student comfortable is part of your job and ensure to do it in the first meeting. Try to share personal experiences about your life, explain your professional journey, tell them about your favorite and hated subjects, and ensure they are not hesitant to ask any questions from the word go. As a parent, you can share some of your child's weaknesses and strengths, favorite hobbies, skills, or favorite subjects as it can help tutor prepare for it and ask relevant questions.

Prepare a study plan : It is possible for a child to be less effective in several subjects like mathematics, science, or history, but has a strong grip over social studies or geography. Acting promptly on the weaknesses and establishing a study plan can be handy. Parents need to share their observations and views on these weaknesses and help tutors. Parents can also share any measures they have taken to improve it and what worked and what did not as it would allow tutors to prepare a reliable study map.

Feedback : After conducting the first lesson, it is essential for parents to take feedback from their children about the tutor and the teaching method, and share it with the tutor. It will help in identifying areas that need improvement and any concerns to look after.

It is beneficial for a tutor to listen to the feedback to make the first lesson successful and reflect upon his behavior and evaluate the student's response as one can be reflective or active when it comes to learning.

Tutors need to meet the needs and demands of parents when it comes to teaching their children, and finding the right candidate is a tough job, but with the facility of reviewing tutors online on myhobbycourses, one can do it quickly. 

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