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How to Make your Online Tutoring Sessions Fun for Students?

March 30 , 2021
17:09 pm
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"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."  - Albert Einstein

Most of us had teachers who put us to sleep. We sat and counted the seconds in their classroom before the class was over. As a tutor, You don't want your students to experience the same boredom you had at school. You want to have an educational and enjoyable class. You need to concentrate on teaching the material, of course, but one thing is certain.

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They won't be learning anything if students are disinterested in your tutoring class. It's your job as a tutor to keep your students engaged in your class. We'll talk about how to keep your tutoring lessons enjoyable below, so it doesn't seem difficult to do this.

An exciting career option is to become a tutor. You can work part-time, full-time, or casually as a tutor. The choice is yours. You will teach the skills to your students that will last a lifetime and that is not something that a lot of other jobs can deliver. The area of tutoring is on the rise. You need to be able to set yourself apart and be the best you can be, apart from the rest. Making it enjoyable and entertaining for your tutoring sessions will set you apart from the rest. Your students will learn the knowledge they do need and have a fun time.

Why Tutoring Sessions Should have Fun?

As a tutor, the primary aim is to help improve your students' lives. By assisting them with the issue they want to improve on, you accomplish this objective. When you think your tutoring lessons are fun, you may ask yourself why. Why should you change your way of teaching? Or why are you going to have an engaging class? If students are disinterested in your class, they will not learn and avoid being a client there.

Another reason to keep your lessons enjoyable is for yourself, . As a tutor, teaching content the same way day in day out can cause early burn out. You will have several students per week with whom you will be working, depending on your workload. You'll stop enjoying teaching if your students tend to indicate lack of interest or your teaching methods are bland. When you notice your students are yawning and not engaging with you, it's not good. You got into tutoring because you had an impact on your students when you did it. They're all going to benefit from making your lessons enjoyable. The driving force behind each class is you.

We're going to run over few ways in which you can make your lessons more engaging and playful.

Integration of Games in an Online Session

Many parents of pupils and students who face school challenges do not think that the "have fun and learn more" angle will work to enhance the outcomes of their children. Yet, among other aspects, the Playful Curriculum approach to learning influenced by the Montessori method is designed to support children dealing with the conventional, often restrictive, technique outlined by the Department of Education. This traditional approaches are focused on the acquisition of the collective curriculum of knowledge, skills and culture with very ambitious programs and coherent school rhythms.

In competitive educational games, many struggling students are increasingly behind. Playful Learning is the preferred approach recommend.


Since it makes it easier for pupils and students to have fun when learning or completing their homework.
Video games, 3D animations, apps, learning applications, music or free lesson websites

Learning app on a tablet.

Online exercises are legitimate methods for education that are becoming increasingly common. Any tutor will inform you that in the education process, it is important to involve the pupils.

You should get engaged with and support the students :

  • Pick up the topics on which they may have fallen behind
  • Expand their general culture and find other subject
  • Give customizable checks for follow-up
  • Stimulate their creativity
  • Integrate their hobbies into the education process (music, athletics, arts, TV, computer games,...)
  • Raise their confidence
  • Relax and liberate them from pressures from the conventional curriculum

By singing, all first-year kids can learn the alphabet or learn how to count with sticks or toys. Many students experience anxiety and stress when high school exam time is around the corner, especially if they are already struggling.

As a tutor, this school-induced stress must be discussed and defused and helped to improve their learning in both humanities and sciences using the Playful method, which includes :

  • History Games
  • Test with different responses
  • Right or False
  • Quizzes
  • Cross-words
  • Subject-related films
  • Essays on important issues for students

" Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life."  - Shakuntala Devi, Indian writer and mental calculator

It doesn't have to be the punishment he or she feels it might be if the child needs to go through summer school. It is easy to make tutoring enjoyable with games. Helping your child through the holidays will feel more like relaxing rather than working, thanks to the Internet.

Many sites, developed and updated by teachers and educators, can bring your children lots of enjoyable and playful exercises :

  • Games and Puzzles for Memorization
  • DIY Games 
  • Alphabet colouring
  • Initiation games in History and Geography
  • Workshops on Writing 

Kids using a learning app together.

Using imaginative games to use fruits, dice or cards to practice simple mathematics (additions, subtractions), helps the child to develop internal representations of numbers which can improve his or her numeral abilities. When you are working with nervous teenagers just about to take their A-levels, using the Playful approach can be a little more difficult. Revising Maths, Sciences, Humanities, English and more, using games may seem ludicrous considering the workloads they could have.

Other Ways to Keep Tutoring Sessions Fun

It's important to engage the students as a tutor. There'd be bored without the students being interested there and not knowing what you are teaching. There're mentioned a few ways to keep the students interested. A pleasant lesson is the perfect way to keep them involved. Of course, as a tutor, this isn't the main focus. Your goal is to tutor them, but you can make it easy for your tutoring lessons to be fun and engaging. Here are more ways to involve the students and have enjoyable lessons for tutoring.

Don't Repeat Yourself : For all learning, reviewing is fundamental. You have to make sure that your students understand what you have taught. You ought to do a review, so you shouldn't repeat yourself. In order to tell anything, you need to try new approaches. This will continue to keep both you and your students involved.

Offer Students Choices : If they feel like they have a role to play in their learning, students will be more interested. They're not going to feel like being compelled to learn anything. Your educating the students next time offers them choices on how they want to study or what they want to learn. For the day, you might have 2-3 separate lesson plans.  I  know that this is more work, but it helps to learn by giving the students a choice.

Real-Life Examples : The need for learning can still be proven by relating lessons to the real world. In the session, students will learn information and see the importance of learning automatically.

Interactive Lesson Plan : The perfect way to teach is not simply to teach the same thing as other teachers. Switch it up instead of working at a desk or table like the pupils.  You should teach the class with things that students can use on their hands.

Loosen Up Teaching : You ought to be a firm tutor,  but this doesn't mean that you need to be strict. When you teach, making yourself loosened up will encourage them to feel more relaxed.

Using Technology :  For tutors, technology has been an excellent thing. You don't have a pencil and paper to try to use. You may use iPads or other types of technology in a variety of ways. This will hold the learners interested.

How do You Need to Implement These Tips?

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To benefit not only you but your students in the right way, take the first step and know that you need to start applying these tactics. In the school, you now need to incorporate them. This is not something that's going to develop overnight. It's going to take time to sort out everything and have a class that is engaging. Your first move is to think of a lesson plan of your own. How are you teaching those lessons right now? In the classroom, knowing what you are doing right and wrong will help decide what you need to adjust. Your next step is to analyze the ways you want to start being more engaging once you have worked this out. How can you use devices like apps or iPads? How to effectively use Zoom/Skype Software to make your classes interactive? During the class, can you use games? It's concerns like these that can help you figure out the next lesson plan.

Putting together a next lesson plan as a tutor is your next step. You outlined what succeeded and the ways you would like to change. You have also listed the forms in which you want your class to be active. Now it is time for it to be put together. It's time to start applying it after agreeing on your current lesson plan. We would not request that a student's class be changed immediately. It's a smart time to explain why things are going to change.

Asking for feedback is also a smart thing. You need to know if the students understand that this is not working for them. The easiest way to continue incorporating these methods is slowly. Another thing to remember is that you don't have to change your whole schedule for the class. It is fine to put in a few engaging parts of the lecture. You also want to know that the students are studying what they need.




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