publish an offline and online course as Leisure Tutor?

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How to publish an offline course as Leisure Tutor?

Once you registered as Leisure Tutor and completed your profile with all verifications then as a Leisure Tutor you need to Publish either Offline/In-Person or Online Leisure courses to start selling.

To publish offline course, you first need to add “My Tutors” and “My Venues”.

Step 1 : Create My Venues and My Tutors

To create the venues and tutors for your different courses : Go To User Menu > Click On My Venues to create the locations for your courses.

publish offline course.png

You need to fill out the following fields for My Venues :

1. Venue Name

publish offline course1-venue name.png

2. Image for Venue

publish offline course2-venue images.png

3. Venue Details

publish offline course3-venue details.png

4. Venue Location

publish offline course4-venue location.png

After entering all the information about the Venue Please click on “Save”.

If you want to create more venues, then click on "Add Another Venue" button that navigates you towards My Venues page and follow the venue form.

publish offline course5-add another venue.png

Once you’re done Please follow the process to create tutors : Go to User Menu > Click On My Tutors to create the different tutors for courses. A Tutor Form will appear with following fields to fill out.

1. Tutor Name

publish offline course6-tutor name.png

2. Image of Tutor

/publish offline course7-tutor image.png

3. Tutor Details - A short description about Tutor

publish offline course8-short description.png

4. Tutor Location

publish offline course9- tutor location.png

You can add more tutors for your upcoming courses by clicking on "Add Another Tutor" button which navigates you towards the same form to add another tutor.

Please Note: My Venues are only created for Offline/In-Person Courses, and My Tutors can also be used in Publishing Online course.

Step 2 : Publish an Offline/In-Person Course

To publish an Offline Course, Click On User Menu > Click On Publish In-Person Course

publish offline course10- menu offline course.png

After clicking on “Publish Offline Course”, a course publishing form will appear. You need to fill out the following fields to publish an Offline course.

1. Course Title

publish offline course11- course title.png

2. Category : you can select between different Main Categories and Sub-Categories for your course.

publish offline course12- category subcategory.png

3. Age : You can select between 3 age groups for your course -> Teenagers (13 to19), Adult 18+, Child (3 to 12).


4. Cancellation Policy : You can Select between 4 Cancellation Policies shown in the image below. To know more about our cancellation policy please refer to “Cancellation Policy” page.

publish offline course14- cancellation policy.png

5. Suitable For -> You can also select this course is suitable for who.

publish offline course15- suitable for.png

6. Course Short Description and Course Description : You need to fully explain about the course, learning outcomes, and standards.

publish offline course16- course shory n description.png

publish offline course17- course decription.png

7. Course Requirements : You also need to describe all requirements for the course to avoid any ambiguity.

publish offline course18- course requirements.png

8. Amenities : You need to choose between different amenities for the courses that will be given to the students.

publish offline course19- amenities.png

9. Choose Image for your Course(You can add 1+ images, click on add new image)

publish offline course20- choose images.png

10. Address : You need to add the Location you created in My Venues > Click on the dropdown arrow > all of the created My Venues will appear. You can choose your location for the course.

publish offline course21- address.png

11. YouTube Video Link : If you’re already running a YouTube Channel you can page the links of your courses here for reference.

publish offline course22- youtube.png

12. Tutor Certifications : Here enter any certifications you hold.

publish offline course23- tutor certificate.png

13.  Add New Class/Batch : Class Schedule -> you need to set the schedule for your courses here. Where you need to select the start and end date of the course, tutor name, class/batch strength, places available, and sessions to attend.

publish offline course24-add new batch calender.png

publish offline course25-add new batch fields.png

Once you fill out all the fields, you’re then required to add day by day schedule for the class. To do so please click on any desired date on the calendar for which you want to add the schedule > a popup will appear shown in the image below > you can give name to schedule, timings, start and end date. You can also continue the same schedule for multiple dates by selecting > “Copy Schedule Until”.

publish offline course26- add class schedule.png

14. Trial Session : you can also provide trial session for the course by select yes as shown in the picture below.

publish offline course27- trial session.png

15. Price and Discount : You need to Set your actual Price here. You can also give discounts for the course by entering the discounted price in the required field.

publish offline course28- price.png

16. After Completing all the above mentioned fields for class/batch you need to click on “Add Class/Batch”

publish offline course29- add clas button.png

Once you fill out all the required fields click on “Create Course" button and your Offline Leisure Course will be published.

publish offline course30- create course button.png

After Successfully submitting the course you can see your course in 'My Courses On Sale' user menu.