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How to set up a discount as a Leisure tutor?

If you want to set a discount for your online or offline/In-person leisure course. You can do so by following the simple steps.

Step 1 : Login To Your Leisure User Account

For login Go To > Login Main Menu, by clicking on "Login" it will take you towards login page and by filling your leisure user account credential you can hit the "Login" button.


Step 2 : Set Discount Code For Leisure Courses

To set up the discount price for leisure courses you need to navigate to Username Click On User Menu > Click on your desired publishing course either online or offline.


It takes you towards the course publishing form. To see how to publish online course please (Click Here) and to check how to publish offline course please (Click Here).

To set the discount for online or offline courses you need to fill up the publish leisure course form at the end you will see field labelled as “Discounted Price” shown in the image below here you can enter your desired discount percentage for the course.

Set discount code for leisure course.png

After filling all the above fields you need to click "Add Class/Batch" button to save the discounted price your first batch and you can see that discounted price at the course detail page after hitting the "Create Course" button to publish course.