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How to Buy a Courses as a student?

To buy a Leisure course as a student, you need to login to your student account and follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 : Explore the Leisure Course

To find any leisure course, just hover over Categories in the Menu Bar on Homepage > Choose Leisure from the Categories.

buy leisure course as student.png

It will take you towards the different Hobby and Leisure Categories as shown in the image below. You can choose between 11 Major Categories of your desire.

buy leisure course as student1.png

Once you select the desired category. It will take you towards the Sub-Categories page of the selected major category. Each major category has different Sub-Categories.

buy leisure course as student2.png

Step 2 : Choose the Desired Course

Once you will click on the desired Sub-Category, it will take you towards list of all courses under that particular Sub-Category.

buy leisure course as student3.png

You can apply different filters to search the courses of your choice. As shown in the image below.

buy leisure course as student4.png

Once you decide which course you want to buy click on “More” button of the published course.

buy leisure course as student5.png

It will take you towards the Leisure course detail page there you will get all the details about the course.

Step 3 : Buy the course

To buy the course you have chosen, click on the "Buy" button as shown in the image below.

buy leisure course as student6.png

By clicking on “BUY” takes you to the "Cart" page. You can select between 2 payment methods Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Once you choose your Payment Method > click on Checkout to Proceed with the payment.

buy leisure course as student7.png

It redirects you to Checkout Page.Here you can add/apply Gift Voucher Code if you’ve purchased earlier and after successfully adding code amount it will show a message. Once you applied the code click on “Continue” .

buy leisure course as student8.png

Once you click on “Continue” it will take you towards the Payment Page. You need to enter your Credit Card details and click on “Proceed” to buy the course.

buy leisure course as student9.png

You can also pay through the Bank Transfer instead of Credit Card Payment. You need to select Bank Transfer from the Cart Page.

buy leisure course as student10.png

Rest of the process will be same > Once you Click Continue from Checkout Page. It redirects you towards the Review Order Page which shows the "Reference Number" and further banking details.You can pay/transfer easily through the bank with use of "Reference Number".

buy leisure course as student11.png

Once you’ve successfully paid through the bank transfer or credit card then order will be marked as Completed. And You can review it on “My Order Page”.