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How to Create a Blog as a Tutor?

Blogs are the educational and informational resources for students, tutors, and parents. Only Tutors can create the Blog Entry. To do so you need to follow the simple steps.

Step 1 : Choose Blog in the Menu Bar

Navigate to Menu Bar > Click on Blog as shown in the Image below

create blog menu.png

It takes you towards the Blog page where you can see the different published blogs.

Step 2 : Create Blog Entry

Once you will be on Blog page you will see an option to create blog entry at the top of the page. Click on “Create New Blog Entry” Button to create the blog.

create blog new .png

Step 3 : Write your Blog

Once you will be on Writing Blog Form, you need to fill out the following fields to submit the blog :

1. Blog Title : you need to give title to your blog according to chosen topic.

create blog new-title.png

2. Body : In the body part you will write about the topic for which you wish to create the blog.

create blog new body.png

3. Summary : you can also add summary of the blog by clicking on “Edit Summary”

create blog new summary.png

4. Image : You’re also required to add images for your blog to make it attractive for the readers.

create blog new image.png

5. Blog Category : You can choose the Major Categories and Sub-Categories for the blog you wish to write.

create blog new category.png

6. Author Name : You need to enter your name here.

new author

7. Type : You need to select the type of audience here for whom you’re publishing this blog.

create blog new type.png

At the end you need to Click on “Save” button. You can also Bookmark this blog by clicking on “Bookmark this”.

create blog new save button.png

You can also Preview your blog by clicking on “Preview” button as shown below.

create blog new preview.png

Once you will Click on save your blog will be submitted on myhobbycourses site. Our Admin will approve your blog after reviewing it properly within 2 to 3 business days.