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How to give Review as a Student?

Students can also give reviews for the sessions they have conducted with tutors. If you have booked a session with tutor and attended it successfully only then you can give review to the tutors.

Here is the step-by-step guide for the students to give review.

Step 1 : Go to Profile of the Tutor

To give review to the tutor > go to profile of the tutor > click on “Write a Review”, a green button right beneath the Profile photo of tutor (see the image below)

Write a review button on profiel.png

Step 2 : Write the Review

Once you click on “Write a Review” Button, it takes you towards the page where you can add the comment for the tutor.

Write a review form.png

You need to give Rating Stars to the tutor. You can also give Heading to your Comment and finally you need to write the comment about your experience with the tutor. After adding all the credentials click on “Save” to publish the review.

Step 3 : Add Review for Leisure Courses

To add the review for a Leisure course you bought as a student. You need to go to Leisure course Details page > Scroll it down until you see the “Write a Review” button.

Write a review button on profiel leisure.png

Click on “Write a Review”. It takes you towards the Review form where you can add review for the course. (see the image below) you can also attach the images of your learning outcomes, while reviewing the course. After adding all the required fields click on “Save” to publish the review.

Write a review form leisure.png

Step 4 : My Course Reviews

In order to check your course reviews, navigate to User menu > click on “My Course Reviews” (see the image below)

Write a review see your review.png

It takes you towards the Reviews Page you have given for all the sessions or courses you attended as shown in the image below.

Write a review see your review page.png