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How to Submit a Ticket as a Student?

You can submit ticket for the problems you faced on the website through MyHobbyCourses Support site. Here is the Step-by-Step guide to submit a ticket as a Student :

Step 1 : Click on “Help” from Menu Bar

Login to your Student Account > navigate to menu bar > click on Help Icon > it redirects towards the MyHobbyCourses support site.


Step 2 : Create a New Ticket

Once you’re on MyHobbyCourses Support site. In the top menu select the “Open a New Ticket”

help open ticket.png

It takes you towards different options where you need to select your intended option (see the image below).

help open ticket as student.png

Step 3 : Create a Ticket

A Ticket form will appear once you click on “Student”. You need to fill out the required fields to submit the ticket.

help open ticket page 1.pnghelp open ticket page 2.png

Once you fill out all the information in the ticket form > click on Create Ticket button.

Once the ticket will be submitted our support person will respond you within 24 hours.