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How to Track your Child’s Tutoring Progress?

July 06 , 2020
13:50 pm
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Student progressing needs measuring and evaluation as it can tell much about the tutor’s teaching method and is he able to achieve the targets set for your child. Tracking the progress can help you with information that would be useful in making your child learn faster and effectively.

You are obliged to check on the progress of your child as you are spending money on it and your child’s future is on stake. Similarly, in schools, there are parent-teacher meetings (PTM) for this purpose where teachers share the performances of children and give feedback. But, when it comes to tutoring, the responsibility lies on parents to track and check the tutoring progress.

Setting Goals

It is important to set goals when you hire the services of a tutor because, without it, you won’t be able to measure the progress or track the pace.

Goals depend on you and your child as some prefer tutoring for improving a particular subject, gaining good grades is one of the objectives, or maybe learning more in a challenging way.

Before the session starts, it is suitable to set goals and then question them regularly, like, if the confidence of your child has improved, grades have gone up, or have acquired more knowledge and expertise in a subject. While setting up goals, the tutor must be aligned with them and make him aware of it, so there are fewer chances of deviating from it.

Input from the tutor

The person to talk about your child’s progress is the tutor. He knows the best about the progress, difficulties your child is facing, the degree of which he is responding, and any improvement he has shown.

You can set a weekly or monthly meeting with the tutor, ask him about your child’s performance, and see where they both stand considering that the progress of tutoring is a long one.

Feedback from the teacher

The whole purpose of tutoring is to improve your child’s academics. Tutoring plays a helping role in achieving it and it is better to ask from your child’s teacher about any progress observed in the class. If your child has been more attentive or focused, grades are improving, participating in class discussion more often, or the confidence has increased. The relevancy of questions is important to assure your child making progress and it is necessary to make the teacher aware of tutoring as feedback of the teacher is of significance and can help with the needs of your child.

Dialogue with your child

The best person to take feedback is your child because he is the one to be most affected. Speak with your child and ask them about the tutor, teaching method, and if the environment is friendly enough to ask questions. The honesty of your child can help in tracking the progress appropriately and asking their opinion can seek any concern or issue raised by them.


Parents can track the tutoring progress through evaluating the performance by taking quizzes or having a conversation in which you can ask relevant questions related to the subject and see if your child is able to answer them.

Keep in mind, tutoring is a progressive endeavor and requires time in producing results, but it is necessary to keep track of the progress and ensure your child’s future is in safe hands.

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