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How to use whiteboard for online classes (A guide by

June 06 , 2020
14:20 pm
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Everyone wants to make educational technology easy. In today's video, I'm going to show you an online whiteboard that is not only free, but it's also super easy to use and great for collaboration with students. Let's dive into it with another online tutorial.

Now, this whiteboard is available online it does not require any registrations by students and it does not require them to login. So, it's as easy sharing a link to the whiteboard and students can jump in. So, let's have a look at a demonstration of this whiteboard. Now, I've invited a couple of myhobbycourses batch student to join us in this demonstration and you'll see them join and I now ask them a question.

So, the first thing, you have to do is to go to the website Now, is very easy to navigate to and then you have two options, we can either create a new class or we can join a class.

My Whiteboard

Now, once you've shared a link, your students will be joining a class. If you already have a join code, then you can use the join class. I'm going to create this class right now, so let's go ahead and click on the new class. We're going to add our own name to this so, I'm going to just add my batch name, there we go and, I'm going to create this class. Now, as you can see everything happens automatically and I now have a link.

Now, this link will automatically expire two hours after closing down the classroom. Now, I can also manually close down this whiteboard so, that immediately after a class has ended, the whiteboard shuts down. Let's go, ahead and copy this link and I'm going to share it with a group of myhobbycourses batch students. Now, as soon as they join and they add their name, you'll see them join here and their whiteboards will become visible. Now they can use any device they want, this works on Chrome books, Windows Mac, phones, and any device.

Class Whiteboards

You can see we already have two people here, we have neil & nevaan (both are myhobbycourses A level batch course student) and I can see their whiteboards. They are now drawing on their whiteboards. Now, I'm going to go to my whiteboard and I'm going to ask them a question up on my whiteboard, I'm just going to type How to become student of Now, in order for them to answer this let's have a look at the class and see if they can answer that question. Now, I've shared something on my whiteboard and they will automatically see that I can now wait for them to respond.

Single Student Response

Now, you can see neil answered visit, let's have a look at nevaan  to see if nevaan has an answer yet. No, there's no answer yet. I think he's struggling a little bit with its touch device there. But as you can see this is an incredibly easy to use whiteboard.

Everyone's answered well, so let's go ahead and just erase all their whiteboards. At the top I can now clear all whiteboards, there we go. This is a really great way of just having a bit of feedback or just opening it up as you're presenting any online class or any other online platform.

End Session

I love how easy this whiteboard is to use and how you're not required to register anything and your students can just join. What I can do now is at the top I can close this room. Now, as soon as I close the room and everyone is kicked out of the room has now been deleted.I hope you found this helpful if you did make sure to scroll down into that blog comment section below let me know what's your favorite online tutoring class and why you be trying out

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