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An invincible bond between Reading and Writing! Buy one and get the other totally free!

April 12 , 2022
12:53 pm
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Precious Bond

The one helpful, impactful and knowledge-mining source has a sweet relationship or an unbreakable bond with her twin brother who gains power from his twin sister to make a powerful impact on the world as well as has an ability to make people cry, laugh, and love, angry and wholesome emotional anytime, anywhere.

No, I’m not talking about persons I’m talking about twin habits or hobbies that go hand in hand always no matter what the situation is.

So, I’m 22 and I discovered reading as a hobby very late, at the end of my teenage years which is still the regret I have and I’m writing this article to warn you of not doing the mistake I’ve made and start growing this hobby and make it a habit as soon as you can.

Everyone has their own genre which piques their interest in whichever media they absorb (movies, series, music or sport) and the same applies to reading. It depends on the book you pick for the first time, which decides whether you’re going to play a test series or end up playing a one day match. For me, I vividly remember - The immortals of Meluha - a mythology book by Amish based on a magnificent God Shiva from the Hindu mythology- the first book I’ve ever read and which made me so intrigued about the mythology that the whole trilogy was finished by me because of a great page-turner writing in just two days. And from then on, my test cricket match career started, which is going on a great and enjoyable ride right now.

The point after genre, here which matters most in the reading, is if you’re reading it in your own native language or in your second language. It has a good impact, interest wise and difficulty wise. The easier it gets in both reading and understanding if you’re reading it in your mother tongue, but interpretation might get varied if you’re consuming it in its original form; however, reading in the OG version is so precious because it illustrates the exact meaning and mindset of the author. Some books do so well in their national language that sometimes it grabs international attention and becomes a sensation by printing in more languages all around the world. For example, 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami became best selling globally, and it’s now ubiquitous in almost every reader’s list.

The twin brother, writing, is more of a spin-off of reading or you can say that reading gives birth to writing. Well, it becomes a family drama, isn’t it!? The more I started to read mythology, I found myself connected to it more and inside there’s an emergence of an urge to write some stories, starting with short stories. Similar kinda things happened to me while reading beloved and one of the greatest works from Tolkien sir – The lord of the rings. The poems inside books inspired me so much to write my emotions in the form of rhyming structure which is now my muse, fortunately.

So, the interesting thing about the reading journey is that readers go through various kinds of phases in their process such as after reading mythology for two months, they get into murder-mystery books and then some romanticism concept books and on and on they go jumping around from one genre to another. And the more you read the more there’s an urge to write and not only ordinary writing, but you’ll also write like an author you’re studying at the time, for instance, a month ago I was reading The complete novels of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and whenever I start writing there’s a bulb inside my head of puzzle, lights out and I tend to write in more cypher and mystic language which my friends found hard to decipher sometimes. And now that I’m reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, I’m inking words down in a sarcastic and funny manner which is incredible.

Vice versa fits too here, like the more you write the more you’ll find reading attractive because at the end of a day reading is also the source of novel ideas as well as an abundant source of new Vocabulary. Also reading a fantastic masterpiece makes you inspired and envious at the same time which is the motivational force to write more quality material.

You won’t believe but these two hobbies are so important in a person’s personal growth as well as mental growth; however, anyone can start adopting these hobbies at any age of life, one of the prime examples for this would be the one and only, J.R.R. Tolkien. He started his writing career at 45 and was crowned the father of modern fantasy literature. Not only this even now he’s dead, but he also became 5th highest-earner as a dead celebrity in 2007, wow!! Right?

The beautiful rewards that reading and writing gives us are escapism from reality and support of emotional problems in creative art. And I’ve heard someone say that “Art outlives the Artist!”

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