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jaysibaram, Online Tutor in India

jaysibaram is a certified Online tutor for academic subjects. jaysibaram can help you achieve academic excellence and get better grades. Book a one-to-one session now!


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khallikote university physics Degree

indian institute od science education and research, tirupati physics Masters


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Differentiation calculus

The differential calculus was introduced sometime during 1665 or 1666, when Isaac Newton first concieved the process we now know as differentiation (a mathematical process and it yields a result called derivative). Among the discoveries of Newton and Leibnitz are rules for finding derivatives of sums, products and quotients of composite functions together with many other results. In this lesson we define derivative of a function, give its geometrical and physical interpretations, discuss various laws of derivatives and introduce notion of second order derivative of a function. join soon all the best

  • Group Strength: 6
  • Price: £12 / person
  • Date: 15 March, 2022
  • Time: 11:15 am - 11:15 am


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