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Students learn at their own pace, freely search for academic subjects, tutors and choose as per their rates, qualifications, and ratings.

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Choose sessions according to your needs; online, in-person, 1-2-1, or academic groups sessions for any age or level. We empower you with a great platform.

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Booking sessions, checkout, and cancellation processes are as easy as ordering a takeaway.

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We promote 1-2-1 learning, We're not CBTs.

We connect actual students with qualified and verified tutors

Safety on myhobbycourses

Satisfaction Guarantee

We do the best that we can to ensure that you will get what you will be paying for! In the very rare event that you are not 100% satisfied, we will find you another tutor and the payment for the first lesson will be on us!

We Ensure Tutors are Verified

We only want the best for our students and ensure your safety! For tutors to start teaching, they all must go through the 6-level verification process that includes their email, mobile, landline, address, social media and credit card.

Freedom to Acquire the Skill that You Want

We have a variety of skilled professionals who are experts in their crafts. Do you want to know how to dance, impress your family by cooking their favourite food? Or you want to be good in Math, you can be anything! We will take care of that!

Frequently asked questions

Could you tell us about your tutors ?

We believe in hiring not only the best qualified and educated Online and In-person tutors but also the most engaging and personable people to inspire your child. Our tutors are friendly, patient, and passionate about their subjects. Many of our tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers. The Tutors are verified at different levels and it’s displayed within Tutor profile pages.

Can I learn online with a tutor?

Yes, we offer online tuition and it’s affordable than face-to-face tuition. You can also learn with a combination of online and face-to-face tuition.

Do Tutor prices include travel costs?

The prices listed on Tutor’s profile page include reasonable travel expenses for the distance he/she is willing to travel. In some cases, however, your tutor may have to travel a greater distance and for these an agreed travel charge for the tutor may need to be added based on circumstances. Students will be notified of this before the session/class starts. All payments will be made online.

Where can I have private tuition?

Private tuition can be arranged at either your home, office, or other suitable location such as a library or the coffee shop. We have a network of tutors across the UK and aim to cover all areas. In some cases, Tutor will be able to arrange lessons at the tutor’s home.

How much does private tuition cost?

We are transparent on costs. Moreover, We only charge a 10% commission. Prices vary depending on each tutor’s hourly rate. Also, some tutors command a higher rate than others. MyhobbyCourses is an open platform to any student in the UK so use our search to locate competitive Tutors.

Do your tutors teach children?

Many tutors have lots of experience teaching children and we can arrange tuition for any age from pre-school through to A-level. For GCSE and A-level, we have tutors who are familiar with the National Curriculum and can help your child achieve the highest grades.

How many lessons do I need?

This depends on why you want to learn, what you want to learn and what your aims are. The tutor can discuss this with you. Ideally, students should try and take two to three lessons per week as this helps to reinforce learning. The important thing is to complete any homework you have been given and practice a little or often.


Create your Tutoring business in 5 minutes online Tutors receive rate defined on their Profile, we charge only 5% service fees to students