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Let’s Learn How to Book a Session on myhobbycourses.com

A guide for both Student and Tutors

Step 1: Student - > Search for a Tutor

After logging into your student account.You will see the menu bar right next to your username on the left side. Click on the “FIND TUTORS

It will take you towards two Options :

1. Subject Tutors
- Online Tutor
- In-Person Tutor
2. Leisure Tutors
- Online Tutors
- In-person Tutors

Once you click a desired category of tutors it will take you to the list of those tutors.

Step 2: Student - > Filter Tutor as per your Criteria

Now you will see your screen like the following Snapshot. You can set your own criteria for finding a right tutor that best matches your Learning requirements. Once you find desirable tutor click on a Button “VEIW PROFILE” just under the hourly rate to visit his profile

Step 3: Student - > Click on “Check my Schedule

You can now check his/her Schedule to book a session. You will find that option under the profile photo of a tutor – “check my schedule”.

Check Tutor’s schedule to avoid any session clashes. Once you find free slot then click on the Green Button “BOOK A SESSION

Step 4: Student - > Set the Slot, timing, and date

When you’ll click “Book a Session” , it will show  Pop up Dialogue. You’re then required to add your desired timings (Start Hour, End Hour), date, Subject, Session type (Online or In-Person/Offline). You can also add comments if you feel something left to tell your tutor. After filling details, click on “ADD SCHEDULE.

Once you click on “Add Schedule” a pop-up message will appear

Saying: “Your Session for (selected tutor) is created. Waiting for tutor to accept”. This will be a confirmation message for you that you have requested for session to you selected tutor.

Step 5: Tutor - > Needs to accept Booking Request

Tutor will receive a booking request message like shown in the snapshot. Myhobbycourses will notify your tutor in 3 ways, Via SMS, E-mail, and account message inbox so tutor can reply you asap.

Once tutor receives a notification message he will “Confirm Booking Schedule” as below.

New Page will pop-up saying, “Do you accept the booking request from (Respective student)”. Tutor need to select Accept and confirm the session if the timing and dates are acceptable . Once tutor confirm a session booking , new pop-up dialogue will appear to show system confirmation.

Step 6: Student - > Pay for the Session -Final Step

Once tutor has accepted student booking request  student will get a message in inbox. This Message will be comprised of a link to pay for the session. Once student click on the link it will redirect him/her towards the myhobbycourses "CART" page.

A page like the following snapshot will be shown.

Once student pay by adding payment method, session will be booked, and both parties student and tutor are now informed. Now you can relax and get ready to take a Lesson.