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Let’s Learn How to Register as Tutor on myhobbycourses.com


Step 1: Tutors - > Become a Tutor

If you want to pursue your online tutoring career myhobbycourses.com is the best place for you to show your talent. All you need to do is visit our website.

www.myhobbycourses.com in the homepage you will see a menu bar click on the “BECOME A TUTOR

It will ask you what you want to become?

  • A subject Tutor (Online or In-Person)
  • A Leisure Tutor (Online or In-Person)

You can also directly to go that form from here : www.myhobbycourses.com/tutor_form?online or www.myhobbycourses.com/tutor_form?In-Person

Remember you must be UK resident for becoming a tutor with us.

Step 2: Tutors - > Fill out all the required fields to register

A page like the following image will appear where you need to select either signup as a subject tutor or signup as a leisure tutor.

Let’s say if you want to sign up as Subject tutor. It will take you towards registration form where you need to fill out the following credentials :

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password (It should be strong enough to guess)
  • Residential address


You need to complete Captcha to prove that you’re not a robot. After that Click on the register button to make an account.