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Parents' guide for Tutoring

July 06 , 2020
14:14 pm
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The culture of tuitions is increasing day by day as it possesses multiple benefits for a student and the progress of academics. There could be numerous reasons for hiring a tutor. There must be no embarrassment in having the facility of a tutor for your child, unlike earlier times when people used to look down on those with extra help as it was considered a weakness. Now, the reasons vary with students and their parents' requirements.

The need could be because of weakness in a particular subject. To gain excellence or higher marks, some parents choose a tutor for admission purposes in desired institutes, or a student might lag behind the course and not get enough attention in class.

The culture of Tutoring is gaining exposure, and many parents are opting for it as a proactive approach. A good tutor definitely can help in enhancing the personality and identifying the weaknesses and strengths. By working on them, self-confidence and self-esteem will receive a boost.

However, there are guidelines and criteria for parents' to choose the right method of Tutoring. One-on-one teaching and online teaching are two options that need evaluation and analysis by parents and pick the suitable one. Both of them have pros and cons, it is only right to compare them, and the one with more benefits must be selected.

However, myhobbycourses have the facility of both options and do acquire the expertise of numerous subjects along with skills. The options of tutors can be confusing sometimes, but the following guidelines will certainly help you in choosing the appropriate tutor for your child.

Guidelines for choosing the right tutor :

  • It is significant to check if the tutor is engaging and can connect with your child at his/her intellectual level. For instance, if your child is in their teens, an older person would not be fit for the job, maybe someone in their 20's can be more relatable.
  • Communication is the core principle when it comes to Tutoring. It all depends on how one can convey the knowledge and share the experiences in order to build mutual respect and trust. Making the selection based on entire qualifications is not a good idea because, without good communication skills, all the knowledge is useless. 
  • The tutor to be updated on recent curriculum changes and any amendments in the education system is a useful trait to have. It is better to have a firm grasp over the topic by tutors and on any new developments regarding the subject.
  • It is essential to have a tutor within your budget; moreover, if the person is flexible with timings and can adjust with the changes, which is a bonus. There should not be many formalities, and it is the responsibility of a tutor to make the environment friendly and casual.
  • Another consideration for parents while opting for a tutor is to evaluate the trust level. There are chances that your friends or neighbors refer the person, or when viewing online options, it is advised to check the reviews and ratings as shown on myhobbycourses, and it would assist in making the right decision.

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