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Payback Cycle at My Hobby Courses

Learn more about our Payback Period

Payback Cycle

At myhobbycourses, we try to accommodate the tutors and students alike. We know how encouraging a properly developed and timed payback cycle is. Hence, we have developed our payback system such that we run a cycle for payments every two weeks.
This holds true for Subject and Leisure tutors.


The date of payment depends on when you are done conducting all the required classes for the course. As shown in the diagram, if the classes are finished by the end of a month, i.e., the 30th, your payment will be made by the 15th of the upcoming month.

However, in case you finish the classes by the 15th of a month, your payment will be made on the 30th of that month. For example, if you finish a course on 15th September, the course payment will be made on 30th September after deducting our commission.

In case you are working on a course that is two months or longer. You can be paid some of the amounts between the course, depending on the reviews and the client’s satisfaction. For example, if the course you are conducting costs 500 Euros, and it is two months long, you can get 250 Euros after completing X number of classes. However, in this case, customer satisfaction is mandatory.

At this point, it is essential to understand that you will be paid for the classes you have conducted, not booked. Moreover, if classes overlap, then Pro rate money is paid.

Payback cycle for International tutors

The payback cycle for the tutors from EU countries, and the rest of the world will be the same as UK based tutors. They will get the amount two times in a month with two intervals on two dates 15th and 30th.

All tutors from these above-mentioned countries will be paid via PayPal.

Attendance is crucial

Attendance determines whether you have conducted the class or not. Hence, it is a crucial part of our system. All tutors are urged to be punctual and mark their attendance regularly.

To mark your attendance, log in to the dashboard. In case of any issues, please contact our Support Team. It is the tutor’s obligation to get in touch with the Support Team for attendance-related issues. We are not responsible for the effects on payback cycle due to any missed attendance.

PayBack Cycle

Frequently asked questions

What if I miss the attendance?

In case you miss the attendance, contact the support team as soon as possible. They will find a workaround for you.

Where can I see how much I have earned?

Your tutor dashboard is your best friend. In the menu, you will see a ‘Sales Dashboard’ option. It will tell you everything you need to know.

How can I see my bookings?

Again, your tutor’s dashboard is where you need to go. It will show you all the previous as well as new bookings.

What if I am under paid for a course?

In case you are underpaid or overpaid for a course, you can contact the myhobbycourses support team and they will look into the matter as soon as possible.

How much do you get paid at myHobbyCourses?

Tutors at myHobbyCourses are paid 100% of their earnings. Each tutor can set his/her own hourly rates. Students pay for those rates. Once the session is delivered. The tutor needs to mark the attendance to successfully get paid.

How do I get paid as a tutor?

We take the stress out of payments by processing them for you via our online payment system. Students pay for sessions in advance, and myHobbyCourses collects this money on behalf of tutors.
Tutors are paid straight into their bank accounts or PayPal accounts twice a month.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made after you conduct the course based on the submitted online attendance.

If I offer discount codes will that cause any issues with Payback timings

No, you will be paid for all the delivered sessions before the impending payback cycle.

If I am a leisure tutor with a class duration of over 1 month, when do I get paid?

Payments are made when 50% of the classes have been delivered with online attendance submission.

What if a student complains regarding the quality of the class?

We will work as a mediator and look into complaint. If the reasons are legitimate, we will decide next course of action.