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Practicality in the life of a Yogi

February 09 , 2022
09:33 am
Maddy C
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In the simplest language, this means someone who is aiming for a higher spiritual goal than entering the realms of worldly duties. If this sounds familiar to you, then continue with reading the blog to get a clearer picture of what to expect from life when you actually end up having to lead the life of a common man.

So, you always knew it, that there's something greater than the teachings received from schools and colleges, families and gurus. Yet, somehow you are not alone in your path, there are ones who have similar thinking like you while others are just blockages that take you away from who you really want to be. It's not surprising as it's part of the tests, that an uplifted soul has to go through in order to attain the highest self and eventually;salvation to give that necessary break by stopping you from entering the world repeatedly. All this, only to fulfill the miniscule desires that doesn't allow the soul to attain complete freedom creating end number of scenarios that lead to self bondage. To accomplish the awakening as per the calling, it's extremely crucial to let go of attachments that hinder a souls progress. And we know it's only gotten harder to disconnect from the ever-attractive, highly lucrative sense based pleasures. Dealing with extremities is very common for such individuals, as they themselves are the kind of people whom the world would consider calling an escapist. However, if the person keeps his or her foot down and sticks to the cleansing process that brings about deep transformation to him as well as others. Eventually, they will reach their final destination.

Not only is the individual, but the people around them playing their part to help with the person's progress towards spirituality. The Gurus blessings protect them during uncertainties & allow a clearer path for a fruitful inner soul journey, in turn making the efforts put in through guidance & assistance being worth it, in the end. There are several compromises in the life of a monk & their near and dear ones as they have to support their journey even if they themselves are on a different path altogether. Eventually, no matter life throws at them, they will miraculously succeed as their vision is not of this world, nor their ambitions if any. That's because all that is desired is perishable whilst the utmost truth remains insurmountable. The sooner we get to the point, the better it will be. Else be prepared to experience traumas and disappointments as we are meant to learn the highest knowledge & keep detaching slowly but surely from the entanglements we got ourselves into. No one's guiding you to become a monk or leave everything, all this means is that you must let go of the immaterial things from within, that don't relate to your souls progress. Duties & responsibilities are a part of our own karmic patterns, we ought to fulfill them yet not lose track of who are to transcend towards.

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