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The Smoothest Path to Learn a Language in Less Time!

June 08 , 2022
14:48 pm
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From the beginning to date, a myriad of cultures have been noted down in the book of history and who knows the process of the invention is still going on. These cultures have their own unique rituals and symbols, but every culture runs in the society with its own established language. It’s very natural and easy for localites to learn their mother tongue; however, due to globalisation, language has become a prerequisite term to have a conversation or study in a foreign country which can be a tough task for travellers and for students especially, since tones of students are having their degrees of bachelors and masters in diverse countries.

Keeping that problem in mind, the Internet has provided a lot of simple and flexible methods to learn any language in the best way possible and time is out of constraint. So, let’s dig into these helpful ways without further ado.

A new era of visuals and apps

Just a few years ago, there used to be books, and even physical structures, for every language with dictionaries and also visuals attached to them. To learn a language, people need to carry that book all around and find the meaning every time someone says it in a different language, but nowadays that problem has got a solution in the form of online pdf and learning apps. For instance, Duolingo has figured out the smartest possible ways to spread the knowledge of different languages for all generations. You just have to log in with your details and select a language you want to learn and, boom, Voila! The algorithm will teach you step by step from the alphabet to words to sentence formation. It also has features of tracking your progress and competing with friends in the race of completing daily tasks first with high points. Another amazing app is Memrise! Not only it will help you learn the vocab of a novel language but also it has an amazing feature in which it demonstrates local people pronouncing words and phrases which is a fantastic way to adopt an accent. Daily tasks are a maximum of 10 mins so it will not take you much time if you have a job and if you’re a student, then maybe chances are high that you’ll learn faster than the others because of more absorbing power and leisure time.

Podcast – a new cutting-edge tool

Podcasts are an ingenious new age medium through which a language and especially pronunciations, as well as accents, can be grasped to your memory power. Spotify—A giant music platform has an unlimited source of podcasts and daily listeners who improve their fluency by listening and practising the new language. YouTube is also known as the OG source of both audio and video podcasts. Besides having online tutorials from various tutors from all around the world, it has a live streaming option which is useful for live learning and problem-solving mechanisms.

Smart Schedule

All right now, these are sources from which you can collect all the required data but now let’s talk about what you should do to continue the process of learning.

First of all, make a schedule with one specific time limit and follow that every day without any break.
Try to learn at least one lesson per day.
Practice that lesson for the rest of the day with your friends and family by implementing the vocabs on your speaking.
Note down structures, phrases and new vocabs in your notebook or diary.
Revise the previous lesson every time before the next lesson.
Take a test or ask your friends to arrange a quiz for you every weekend.

So yeah, that’s all I guess, it’s easy right!?

End credits

Apart from this routine, there are other suggestions which would be helpful to you because it helped many students too, like watching movies in the language you’re learning with subtitles, listening to the music in that language with or without lyrics, trying to read newspaper and articles in that language, follow people or YouTubers on social media from the background of the same language you’re pursuing, attend seminars and speeches. These all seem like small things, but believe us, the impact of these small things is so much that it will lessen your time in the learning process.

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