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Start Your Craft Business with Art & Craft Courses

July 18 , 2021
19:11 pm
Kanwal Ishfaq
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Lockdowns all over the world have opened the window to different colourful opportunities. People had a lot of time on their hands. Some people discovered their creative side for the first time, and some revisited their childhood hobbies of arts and crafts. Several parents developed an interest in arts and crafts while helping their children during home-schooling. Arts and crafts served as a constructive medium for unwinding. People overburdened by their work-from-home routine also took to arts and crafts.

No wonder sales of acrylic paints, paintbrushes, sketch pencils, colours, sewing and knitting kits, crafts kits went up during the pandemic. Youtube videos teaching different arts and crafts lessons started receiving more traffic.

The wonderful thing about getting involved in arts or crafts is that it brings out the creative side of your personality. Once you immerse yourself in the experience of creating, it makes you lose track of time. It serves as a meditative medium. You end up spending hours and hours creating something from your imagination.

Arts and crafts are a great way for self recreation. But if you feel you want to share your creations with others, then think about starting your business. A little polishing of your skill through arts and crafts courses can equip you with the confidence to become an entrepreneur. You will be amazed how many people are willing to buy hand-made, exclusive pieces of jewellery, key chains, handbags, etc. In the age of mass manufacturing, owning exclusive items is valuable.

There is a big pool of eager learners trying to learn a new skill. Leisure tutors can be the perfect solution for such learners. If you have a skill in arts and crafts then you can easily reach this new growing market of learners. It can be your chance to start your business of crafts courses or giving art classes.

Myhobbycourses is an online platform that can give you access to these learners and you can start teaching leisure courses.


Crafts courses are a fun way to learn a skill. You can use this skill for leisure or as a means to earn a living. There is a variety of crafts courses available both online and in-person. Along with learning a skill, people will get an opportunity to interact with like-minded people who share the same interests. Following is the list of the most popular crafts courses:

  1. Calligraphy
  2. Making handbags
  3. Making cushions
  4. Pottery
  5. Sewing
  6. Carpentry 
  7. Knitting
  8. Drawing
  9. Making small items like keychains and coasters
  10. Painting
  11. Origami 
  12. Sculpting, paper, and clay art

It is no coincidence that the list of the most popularly sold crafts items is the same. You can also take the same route. Turn your hobby into a means of earning your living. Be your boss!

There are plenty of craft courses workshops. But now people have switched to the online mode of learning. It’s great if you already have particular expertise, like making key chains, designing, and sewing items like handbags, sachels, etc. Whichever form of craft you are good at should be your teaching class. On the other hand, if you are good at multiple crafts then maybe you can teach a beginner's course teaching multiple crafts items over the course duration. Buy your crafts supplies according to the type, of courses, you are willing to teach. Dedicate a corner in your house for the crafts supplies. Now start your journey of building a business from your hobby!


Just like crafts, arts also have a variety of offshoots. You might have an interest in sketching. Or maybe you might like painting. Sketching and painting themselves have branches. There is pencil sketching, pen sketching, charcoal sketching, etc. Similarly, there are a variety of painting techniques including, oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, etc.

So many people out there are looking to improve their newfound love of drawing. They have bought their art supplies and keep trying to be an artist. You can be a beacon of hope for these people. You might be out of work because indoor classes have been shut down in your area. Don’t fret. You can start your art class using an online platform. 

You could be new at tutoring or someone already teaching art classes; both categories of tutors can benefit from teaching art classes online.

Identify which technique of drawing, sketching, or colouring is your preferred style. If you are good at different art mediums all the better. Unlike crafts, art is taught at degree level as well. Arts is a vast subject, including fine arts and design arts. One can easily get overwhelmed by the number of art courses available. You can be a tutor offering beginners the opportunity to explore different mediums or you can be a tutor teaching a specific medium. There is a great chance of finding students who want to try their hands at different art techniques.

Myhobbycourses is a platform that offers tutors to reach out to people who want to take a leisure course.


With the pandemic, people realized the power of the internet in ways they didn’t fathom before. The world was virtually online. Some trends which started during the pandemic seem to have taken off a life of their own. One of these trends is the popularity of online classes. No one can deny the ease they offer. You can learn from the comfort of your home. There is no hassle of commuting, especially if you live in a city like London.

As life is getting back to normal slowly, and people have started commuting for work again, it will get difficult for some people to continue their hobbies. It is not feasible for everyone to come back from work and rush back to their leisure courses. People might give their passion for the sake of convenience. Online arts and crafts courses can play a big part in helping people continue to practice the activities they love doing.

Before the pandemic, most of the art classes and crafts workshops were conducted in person. But now things have changed. People now have access to all kinds of arts and crafts supplies. All they need is a teacher who can guide them and help them improve their skills. Myhobbycourses is the right online platform for you to start your business as a tutor of leisure courses.


There are so many ways you can make use of your talents. Online platforms are easily accessible to sell your arts and crafts product. These platforms have an easy step to step guide on their website for sellers. You can follow those steps and set up your shop online. People who are not keen on selling their arts and crafts products use another platform to make money from their talent. Arts and crafts classes are in great demand. You can make use of online platforms to teach the skills you have learned. If you genuinely love arts and crafts, your passion can be contagious. You might be able to inspire others to discover their creative side.

Opening your workshop whether for art classes or crafts courses might be expensive for you. If you start an in-person crafts workshop, you will need a substantial amount of capital. You will need to arrange for appropriate space and supplies for your potential students. The easiest way for you to start your crafts business is to register yourself as a tutor on an online platform to give art classes or crafts courses. There is no need for an elaborate space for you to work. You don’t need to arrange for arts or crafts supplies for your students. You can choose to teach individual students or arrange for group lessons. It’s easy.

Myhobbycourses is one such platform. Visit MyHobbyCourses for further details. It gives tutors a chance to teach art classes or crafts courses from the comfort of their homes. They already have a pool of students and parents using their service for academic learning. You can also market yourself to give summer crafts courses to children. Tutors at myhobbycourses get the entire fee, which they charge from students. It’s easy to register at myhobbycourses as a tutor. You can manage your time according to what suits you best.

Trying something new is not easy and can be a bit overwhelming. But taking the first step is all that you need. The steps mentioned in the article are a rough road map that you can follow. In time you will build your student community. Who knows you might end up setting up your art classes or crafts workshop in person.


What is an art and craft class?

MyHobbyCourses art & craft classes are aimed to help the kids develop their creativity, confidence, observational skills and craftsmanship through a range of art-making techniques in various mediums.

How do I become a craft artist?

With myHobbyCourses you can become an art teacher or instructor and teach different art & craft courses. It involves a few steps to start your own craft courses online.

1. Signup as a Leisure Tutor
2. Complete your profile
3. Publish your craft courses
4. Complete verifications

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