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Top 5 Qualities to Learn if you want to be the Best Tutor!

June 08 , 2022
15:05 pm
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Are you confused about where and from whom to gain knowledge in this abundant source giving digital epoch? where each and everyone is placing themselves in the role of the tutor in every case they face or get a chance to prove their skills and education. Not all of them have the intention of teaching students and not all of them are friendly in the process of learning to students. If you look out on YouTube, you’ll find tons of people trying to lecture you with just the basic amount of knowledge, but dear friends, some of them are only there to attract your attention rather than teaching the subject skillfully. Also, there are some good tutors out there whose main purpose is genuinely spreading the knowledge in the best way possible so that one can grasp the important points easily. To give you the clarification, let us show you the following excellent qualities of the best tutors in this article.

1) Excellent Communication Skills

This one would be the first and foremost quality of every best tutor out there, offline or online. One can easily tell if the teacher is reading scripts that they wholeheartedly absorbed in their heads the night before for the sake of speech, or if he/she is taking an interest in the subject and communicating with every student to make them understand the concept of the topic easily and effectively, simply by observing their communication skills as well as the performance, not only of scholarly students but also of common (not great in study) students. You'll notice that if the tutor is the talk of the town, he or she will not only have good relationships with the students, but also with their parents. As a result, the best tutor will be teaching the knowledge in the best way possible, giving motivational speeches on the stage in every seminar and will be the chief face of the progress of that particular school or university owing to their excellent communication skills (writing, expressing visually and verbally, and gesturing styles).

2) Ability to listen first

The best tutor should always be a great listener. Students will only be able to be good students and ask questions if only the tutor is not behaving like an egoistic person who believes only in his/her speech, concepts, or methods and restricts students from giving another point of view, suggesting a different method, or asking a question about complex quarries. Students should be free-minded and able to trust their tutor to tell them anything regarding their studies as well as sometimes real-life problems. For instance, if a tutor is listening to their student’s opinion on another way of solving the same problem, then not only will the whole class get to learn a new method but also the students will be inspired to suggest or ask any kind of question during or after class without any fear of embarrassment. In another scenario, if a teacher does this activity at the end of the class or every week, like taking feedback or surveys on current teaching methods and concepts, whether they feel tough to understand, then the teacher will get students’ perspectives and act accordingly, as well as arrange the course material accordingly so that students will learn more easily without any type of difficulties.

3) Engagement Session

Classes should not be about always giving lectures and taking notes without any other things being said or done in the class; rather, it should be an open discussion in which every student can partake and freely give his/her opinion on an ongoing topic. Not only will this type of engagement session fill the class every day, but the level of teaching and understanding will rise with each lecture. Apart from this, teachers should do more quizzing competitions as well as debating between two teams. This will engage students more and attract them towards gaining knowledge in a fun way and help them learn more about those topics so that they can showcase their knowledge skills in front of other teams. This kind of effort will make a good tutor the best tutor in a nick of time.

4) Abreast with technology

Change is the only constant, and whoever learns that sooner or later, the game will change from then on. If you notice, teachers are nowadays lacking in the skills of the advanced digital era, and students are winning in this race by a larger margin since their adaptive skills are top-notch and quick-gaining. If tutors want to become good, then some basic understanding of knowledge is okay, but if tutors want to become the best tutors out there, then they have to level up their skill power by learning more and more cutting-edge technology and always be ready to change their teaching methods concerning upcoming effective methods so that they can provide the vital knowledge in the best visual way possible. Teachers should know that boards and markers are the old school tech while graphics and visuals are interesting and new tech through which learning in an impactful manner has a higher ratio.

5) Patience

It is one of the crucial qualities that any tutor must have to qualify as the best tutor in the eyes of students, as well as their parents, and, of course, in their own eyes. A teacher’s job is to teach students, right? Then in any scenario, they should not give up, even if the child is a little bit weak in learning or slow in the understanding of concepts. The best tutor is the one who teaches their weak students as happily and as enthusiastically as they teach their strong students, even if the learner will ask the same question over and over. Tutors should not lose their patience and be able to control their anger in particular situations like this. Also, the best tutor should always be on duty to teach whether the class is over or at any time for their curious students.

In a nutshell, the best tutor is one who can pave the way in this mind-boggling digital epoch to teach with qualities like intelligence as Albert Einstein, strict and disciplined as Chanakya, and poetic and engaging as John Keating (O Captain! My Captain!). However, remember to know your audience and teach accordingly.

Myhobbycourses is the perfect platform which provides excellent tutors with the above-mentioned qualities. They will make sure that you’re learning at your convenient level and grasping not only easy knowledge but also complex concepts. And if you find yourself having the above-mentioned qualities then you can apply as a tutor as well on this platform.

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Top 5 Qualities to Learn if you want to be the Best Tutor!

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