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Why Teach on

MyHobby is a great platform to earn by sharing your passion and experience! It is a perfect avenue for tutors to meet students who share the same passion and later on see them develop into someone that they really like! It offers a unique and rewarding experiences for tutors. Well what could be better than being given the freedom to do what you really want and at the same time, earn from it!

We Provide an Excellent Service

We believe in the value of making employees feel motivated so they can transfer the energy to the people that they work for - in this case your students. We make sure that we have the available and the most updated tools that you can use to make your jobs more efficient! We value your success as educators and we are constantly looking for ways on how to assist you.

You are in Control

You have the freedom to teach subjects you think you can manage and on your availability. You can do this as a part time job or prefer to make this full time in the long run!

How to be a Tutor


Register as a tutor

Registration is absolutely free! Just follow the registration process and complete your profile with all the necessary information such as your professional experiences, your bio and a professional photo


Start Teaching

Once you are verified, you can then start sharing your passion! We expect you to be always on time to maximize learning . Safety and hygiene and also equally important to make your student feel comfortable. Clear Locations should also be properly set!


Get Paid

We provide hassle free payments! You have options on how you want to be paid. It can be paypal, money transfer and the list of available options goes on. Plus, we can provide 100% assurance that will be paid on time.

Safety on myHobby

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We treat you as a partner and we will do the best thing that we can to provide you assistance and make you feel comfortable and happy with your job. This way we wll have a long term partnership.

Tutor Verification

To ensure that we provide the best for the students and they receive good value for money, we make sure that all tutors are properly verified with all necessary information. There are 6 levels of verification stages. That way, it will be fair for both parties and will eventually drive success in the long run.

Freedom to Select Your Subjects

Depending on what you think you are capable of teaching you have the freedom to select any subject/hobby that you can share/teach! We give the 100% trust that you can provide the best learning for your students and we give you that freedom to teach what you are capable of!

Frequently asked questions


Is Tutor sign up Free

Yes, Signup forUK based Tutor is free. We do not charge fixed monthly or yearly fees. You only pay when you sell on our portal.

What are verification levels? Are they essential?

Although it’s not essential, it is highly recommended for tutors to build their trust factor. You can do it by verifying your Mobile, Landline, Address and Card details. A higher verification will rank your courses at top results and will increase signup rates from prospective students.

How should I verify myself on your portal?

First register and login at portal with your email ID. Go to profile page and select respective options to verify at different levels.


What are service charges?

If you have signed up under our initial offer, then 3-6 months of your courses sold on portalyou have nothing to pay. If you have sold 10 courses for 100 pounds each, you will get 1000 pounds in your account.
After our initial offer, you will be charged 10% flat for any amount sold.

How often you run billing cycle?

Our billing cycle runs Monday for week until Friday. Any courses you have conducted (not hosted) and been paid fully until end of Friday will be paid on Monday, Money should reach your account within 24 hours.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid in your designated UK bank account or PayPal account in GBP currency only.

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    How it works for Learners
    Remarkably simplistic, Finding the right Class can feel like a daunting process. Not knowing where to start the search, we can help.
  • How it works for Tutors
    How it works for Tutors
    FAQ....listing your services on myhobby portal is the most effective way to build and manage your own successful tutoring business.
  • Check Ticket Status
    Check Ticket Status
    Check your ticket by entering the requested information exactly as it appears on your ticket receipt.
  • Raise Support
    Raise Support
    Problem with your portal? Raise a support ticket on this page and an expert will have the problem solved in no time.
  • Myhobby Knowledgebase
    Myhobby Knowledgebase
    Our online knowledgebase offers user a wealth of useful information about Uing myhobby Portal.

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