To enhance security for accounts on, we Include a verification requirement during a registration process. This requirement help us to prevent fraud, create accountability and further protects site's integrity for both students who rely on myHobyCourses for valuable advice and the Tutors that market themselves through the site.We actively encourage tutors to be verified at all levels because students and most parents need to ensure the learning environment is safe and professional as it will build the trust level.

Professional Reference

We allow 2-3 weeks to complete your profile. We also send you email and SMS reminders every Tuesday 10am. If you still don't respond then an automated verification will remove your profile from the platform.

You must be at least bronze verified to be searchable to students.

Why should you Verify your details?

Myhobbycourses is open for tutors from all around the globe. It provides a handy platform for students and teachers. However, parents sometimes have a reservation when it comes to trusting unverified individuals with their children. Hence, if you don’t verify yourself as a tutor by providing the minimum required information, you undermine your credibility.

As mentioned, our platform deals with children belonging to all age groups, including individuals as young as eight years old. Thus, we urge our tutors to provide the necessary verification details. This will not only help them build a credible base but will also help them earn more.

Verification helps us provide an additional security layer for the community by controlling who has access to an account. If you’re verified, It will allow us to work with you to help resolve your myhobbyCourses listing issues.

What needs to be done?

You can provide your verification details at the time of sign up or by editing your account later on. We have different stages of verification (explained later) for which you need to provide your

  • Email address
  • Landline number
  • House address
  • Mobile number
  • Social media details
  • Credit card information (It will not be saved)
  • Professional References
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Different Stages of Verification

At myhobbycourses, as shown in the chart, we have four levels of verification. The verification levels and their requirements are as follows:

  • Bronze tier : You have to get your Email, Mobile Number, and Home address verified.
  • Silver tier : Along with the Email, Mobile Number, and Home address, you have to verify your Landline number and Social media details.
  • Gold tier : If you get your Credit card info verified and all the Silver tier requirements, you will get the Gold verification badge.
  • Platinum tier : For the Platinum tier, all the requirements, including professional reference letters and DBS, must be completed.

Requirement details

Every requirement has a specific significance. Here is what it means.


You have to provide a proper and authentic email address. We urge you to register using your work email address. Once that is done, you will receive a verification email. As soon as you click on the link, your email will be verified.


After creating your account, you will have to add your mobile number. The phone number will be registered on the portal. You will receive a 5-digit verification code via SMS message. Input this code on the website to complete your verification.

Social Media

This is a manual check carried out by one of the support analysts. They will look at your social credentials (FB & LinkedIn) and connect you to our social accounts. Provided you accept our request and allow us to see details, you will be marked as social media verified.


Credit Card Verified (We DO NOT store your card Details)

The card you provide is for authorization purposes only. A £1 charge will be made on your card in order for us to confirm its validity and your identity. Please note that the card you use should bear your name, not that of a family or colleague. You will be asked to provide the following information regarding the card:

  • Your country (country in which the card was issued)
  • Type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
  • Credit card number - Cardholder name
  • Expiration date

Once you have successfully submitted your information, you will see a  card verification confirmation message on the screen.


What if I still have questions?

We are happy to help, so you can use the myHolidManagement Centre to build your business.

For help with the verification process contact Support on [email protected]


Please supply your landline number starting with 01,02,03 to have your landline verified. A support analyst will dial this number to confirm your account on the site,  Note - 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871 numbers are NOT  allowed in the verification process.


Professional References

You have to provide the Email addresses and Telephone numbers of two individuals you have worked with professionally for a professional reference. They can be your students or your colleagues. For professional reference, details of family members will NOT be accepted.


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Based on the guidelines from the UK government, we perform DBS for the Platinum tier. For those who don’t know, it is a criminal record check. You have to apply to the DBS on the UK government website. Once all the checks are performed, you will receive the results. The certification has to be submitted to our analysts for final verification. Tutors who will be teaching 14-year-old and younger students are urged to provide a DBS certificate.