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Is the U.K. school system outdated?

July 06 , 2020
11:06 am
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It is a universal fact that you will be left behind if you do not update or upgrade with time. Technology and A.I. have changed how the world operates and the way things are done. Similarly, the education system needs alterations and new techniques to teach the students the necessary subjects at convenience.

The U.K. school system is struggling with a lot of constraints like limited teachers because of old teaching methods as it does not promote creativity and innovation among students.

Equality and fairness are other aspects damaging the U.K. school system; furthermore, the focus has been shifted more towards media, communication, and finance subjects, which are important as well, but the core and the base of any education are upon science and mathematics. China, Russia, Germany, and the U.S. have improved their schooling system and emphasized on teaching math and science fundamentally allowing them to build a strong base.

It took decades to improve and realize the truth; now, their education systems are renowned worldwide as they have brought new channels and innovative teaching platforms. A student doesn't need to come to you; instead, you can reach out to students and make them learn essential topics. Even teaching methods and skills in the U.K. are not up to par; therefore, the trend of online teaching has risen so much among the students, and they are looking for courses online.

Inequality in the provision of standard education is forcing parents and students to opt for convenient and affordable teaching options. There is a vacuum between quality education and students, which is being filled by myhobbycourses. As it is feasible with the timings and teachers are experts in their respective subjects. Apart from skills, we ensure the essentials of math and science are being taught to the students from a young age.

A fair education system is a dream which has several challenges in its path to success. Teachers and students must get the most out of any opportunity they hear or see. The U.K. is falling behind, and other countries are looking in the future with new teaching techniques. Even the grade system is outdated, which is only adding pressure to the lives of students. Education of a country defines the overall success and development of the economy, and rightly so, countries like China and Russia are excelling.

The effect of inflation and the subject matter of a school system impacts immensely. What steps are being taken for those who have dropped out or have never been a part of the education system? Tracking of students is merely impossible, and hence online teaching is a suitable source of bringing education to the homes. There is so much potential and talent in our students that we cannot afford to waste it. As an individual, it is our responsibility to contribute to the education system and make it friendly for anyone who wants to learn and teach regardless of age or cultural background.

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