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The verification process on my hobby course

July 06 , 2020
15:47 pm
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Technology has made our lives easier and feasible but at the same time we need to take more care while believing and trusting someone online. Either it is the skills of a tutor or the teaching methods; the first thing as a student you want is the trustworthy tutor.

The verification of the Tutor is the utmost priority at myHobbyCourses. To provide peace of mind to the students and parents there is a 7-level verification process clearly displayed clearly at Tutor profile.

The verification levels include :

  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Landline
  • Address
  • Credit card
  • Personal Reference
  • DBS verification

However, all these verification levels are different, and not necessarily a tutor has to go through all of them or is obliged for all of them. These levels are prepared in accordance with feasibility and the availability of information; it is because myHobbyCourses is a global platform inviting tutors from many different locations within the UK.

There are two types of studentsvisual learners, and kinesthetic learners or you can say students who like online learning and physical learning. MyHobbyCourses cater to both kinds. A tutor visiting your premises, as a parent, you need to be careful and question the person’s integrity. While online teaching needs assurance of teachers’ credentials and a background check.

We actively encourage tutors to be verified at all levels because students and most parents need to ensure the learning environment is safe and professional as it will build the trust level.

In addition, the feedback and rating from previous students can give you confidence in tutors’ abilities as these responses are unbiased, valid and genuine students. Before enrolling in the course or hiring for private tuitions, it is advised to check the verification and feedback on their profile.

Another feature of my hobby course in establishing a relationship among teachers, students, and parents is a free session and a sample video of the course. In this way, students and their parents can relax and trust the ability of the tutor while enjoying the benefits of online and offline teaching.

Different age groups require different levels of teaching, which is the responsibility of parents if they are buying sessions on behalf of their children to check the difficulty level and verification.

myHobbyCourses use a portion of earnings for enhancing the platform and making it more interactive. Besides, improving the verification process and hiring better tutors with better skills and expertise in order to excel in our learners’ careers.

It is also an opportunity for teachers to get endorsed by completing verification processes and gaining more student base.

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