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What is myhobbycourses doing for your online tutoring business?

September 11 , 2020
16:29 pm
Andrew Willsom
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The world has shrunk into the size of your palm. With everything online, education is not much behind and progressing in this new dimension. Myhobbycourses is considered to be an ice-breaker between online tutoring and students. Let alone in the U.K, the education industry is booming and ranks amongst the top 5 business industries, therefore, worldwide it is quite lucrative to be a part of this sector and reap benefits out of it.

What is an online tutoring business?
Having a presence online and teaching online are two separate things and one should know about it. For suppose, you are a math teacher and have a page or public account on social media where you interact with students and resolve their queries or entice them to join your classes. This is related to promoting and marketing your services. However, talking of online tutoring business, it is completely online including aspects like payment and teaching.
Now, think of as a student. You are stuck on some questions or have doubts, what do you do? Go on Google and search for it and watch Youtube videos to clear your confusion. This is called self-online learning. What if there is always someone to teach you whenever you want to ask questions? It will save time and energy, and probably you will learn more promptly and accurately. Myhobbycourses is providing this opportunity of learning online without any hassle and teachers to set up their online tutoring business.
What is myhobbycourses?
You think of learning online, you must think of myhobbycourses. Why? For numerous reasons. But before getting into how myhobbycourses is beneficial for you let’s learn what is this platform.
Myhobbycourses provide students and teachers a mode of communication, a platform, an opportunity to work together. The aim is to have the world's best tutors online teaching and embracing students all around the world. This act will achieve i.e. quality education with flexibility. Learning/teaching online boosts creativity, innovation, and critical thinking among students.
What you can learn on myhobbycourses? Anything you are fond of. You can learn leisure activities and educational subjects at any level. If you are willing to learn how to play guitar or play card games from scratch then it is suitable for you to sign-up for the beginner level. Similarly, if you are having doubts about chemistry questions or math problems, you can opt for intermediate or advanced level tutors.
Benefits you using myhobbycourses
The following incentives contribute to the success of being preferred choice for online tutoring. 
Tutor and student friendly platform
There has been a well-thought process behind myhobbycourses as we wanted to provide a platform that is beneficial and helpful for both students and tutors.
For tutors, we have kept things very simple and easy, so the maximum number of tutors around the world can join us. We take pride in setting up an online tutoring business within minutes. Registration or sign up process is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is submit necessary information like email, password, name, etc. and you are good to go.
Unbelievable commission rate
Myhobbycourses has countered another problem of payment gateway. Other online teaching platforms take a big toll up to 40% out of your hard-earned income. Whereas, we truly value your participation and understand you putting in the effort. Hence, we only charge 5% to 10% as our commission. That is it, this is the only fee we charge and keep ourselves as transparent as possible. There are no hidden fees or charges and have kept the registration and verification process absolutely free.
Reliable verification process
Now that we have mentioned the verification process, what does it mean? This verification process is more helpful for parents and students as it can assist in building trust and confidence. There is a 7-step verification process including :

•  Email
•  Mobile
•  Landline
•  Address
•  Credit card
•  Personal reference
•  DBS verification

Get paid on time
Myhobbycourses also work as escrow payment, so as a tutor you don’t need to worry about the money. We take the fees from the students on your behalf and send it to you once the session is over. The medium of payment can be chosen as per tutor’s wish either it can be Paypal, wire transfer, or bank transfer. Along with payment flexibility, we provide timing and fee flexibility as well. Tutors are free to choose whatever they want to charge and whenever they are comfortable teaching, which is beneficial for students as well.
Friendly support staff
When you set up any business you need help and assistance, and myhobbycourses’ courteous and lenient support staff is always there for you to help at every step of setting up your online tutoring business.
Another reason for opting for tutoring online is, the U.K’s outdated education system and its policies regarding subject courses. Myhobbycourses is successfully working on pay-as-you-go. For students, this news is music to the ears because they don’t want to spend thousands of pounds even if they are not studying or attending classes like in the current situation. As a student, there is flexibility for you to pay only for those sessions, which you are going to attend. Feedback and testimonials from other students can help you decide which tutor to choose, a feature missing in the conventional education system.

Getting online and starting your own tutoring business will bring extra income at convenience and help you expand the community while connecting with students from around the world. Myhobbycourses strive to be as helpful as possible and make your lives easy. Online tutoring holds a bright future and with our help you can reap the benefits out of it. 

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