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What Should You Look For When Choosing a Tutor?

July 06 , 2020
17:06 pm
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The importance of private tutoring and the number of parents looking for a tutor are both rising because of the benefits it can have on your child’s progress. Tutors have the ability to teach and explain things in an easy and understanding way which your child might be lacking in the school. One-on-one attention and focus from the tutor can surely help your child with better grades, improvement in subjects, gaining more knowledge and confidence.

However, there is a dilemma of choosing the right tutor as there are plenty of options available, and choosing the most suited is necessary for a child’s progress and parent’s peace of mind.

For your assistance, the following criteria or parameters can help you in choosing the right tutor.

Talking with your children : Before finding the tutor, you need to discuss the idea of tutoring with your child and see how he/she responds to it or willing to have one. It is because your child’s interest in tutoring will determine the results irrespective of how good of a tutor you hire.

Experience : The first thing to look out for is the experienced tutor has. The experience could be related to the qualification and of tutoring. They both are vital, but vary in situations, for example, if you are looking for an expert level tutoring then a more qualified tutor would suit your needs rather than work experience, although it is an important factor, and if your child needs a beginner level education then the qualification can be compromised.

However, experience in tutoring is priceless as it makes the task easy and such a tutor can handle children effectively.

Communication skills : The foremost element in selecting a tutor is to evaluate their communication skills because any qualification or experience won’t be relevant if one cannot communicate properly and transfer knowledge to your child. To analyze this trait, as a parent you can set a meeting and ask questions regarding the profession and measure the responses. Tutoring is also considered as mentoring, and you need to be careful while hiring the tutor.

Attitude : For a tutor, it is significant to have the right attitude and must be encouraging towards students. It is the responsibility of a tutor to keep the child motivated, and build confidence and relationship of trust among them. Praising and rectifying a child’s progress or behavior is one of the roles a tutor must comply with.

References and reviews : Checking the track record and reviewing past experiences of a tutor is important. You should not blindly trust the references and must check them. Taking feedback from past parents and children is an appropriate approach or asking from an ex-employer or if hiring from an online source then review rating and feedback.

Flexibility and punctual : When it comes to tutoring a child, flexible scheduling is essential and a tutor needs to have flexibility with timing while being punctual.

By keeping all the mentioned criteria in mind, you can choose a suitable tutor for your child who would help with improvements. Lastly, while reviewing all the features ensure the services fall in the budget.

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