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Why do we Hate CBTs (Computer based training) - why do we embrace personal touch?

July 06 , 2020
16:38 pm
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Learners or students require motivation and encouragement while learning. A learning-friendly atmosphere plays a vital part in obtaining knowledge and retaining it. Computer-based learning is adopted in several professions, but it is hard to maintain a schedule and pace.

Students tend to fall behind who lack motivation, as there is no routine for these studies, promoting self-study methods. This form of teaching is tedious and provokes feelings of isolation among students. The pre-recorded lectures are boring, which apparently lacks interaction and two-way communication.

There are also high chances that instructors are not always available whenever students need to clear their doubts

When a student is left on his own, he can lose his way of learning and is unable to keep up with the course. The reason you learn something is to become better at it or gain a new skill; however, with CBTs, another restriction is asking the teacher questions.

Routine or structured learning produces better results as students stay on track with the whole class.

The feeling of isolation demotes the competitive instinct and can demotivate a student due to the unavailability of classmates or colleagues, and it is difficult to learn alone.

A collective class brings synergy and spark to learning because one person cannot raise all the doubts and questions regarding the topic; other students can ask as well, which can elevate the learning process.

Furthermore, while studying together, each student is in the same position as the course and can help each other, unlike in CBT, where students are not aligned nor studying at the same pace.

CBT is not suitable, particularly for younger students, as they want a more interactive environment; otherwise, it becomes difficult for them to focus. Studying on your own seems to be distracting, which can deviate your focus and attention, and you might leave the class in between for any reason.

Personal teaching benefits students more than any other learning method as it is spontaneous, live, learning environment, and complete focus is in the class, it resembles learning in school or institutes.

Myhobbycourses has developed an e-learning platform with an interactive interface and a class alike. It allows you to study together as in a class, and it is very difficult for you to miss it with scheduled classes. The interaction among students and teachers is helpful for you, which will pace your learning.

The services of a private tutor can also be hired from myhobbycourses uplifting the experience of personal learning. It is highly advantageous for those who embrace personal touch and existence.

A healthy competition among students is always fruitful as it pushes each one of them to excel. With myhobbycourses, the learning is convenient and feasible while allowing you to choose your preferred way of learning.

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