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Why should the U.K. embrace Math & Science? How can online learning help where there are gaps?

July 06 , 2020
11:13 am
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Education is the core of any country's economy as it produces minds who challenge conventional methods and invent solutions. The base of any invention revolves around science and mathematics. These subjects derive other topics of consideration like communication, finance, media, and even psychology.

Human behavior is a subject that needs to be learned as it can open whole new avenues of studying consumer behavior, decision making, etc. and it is all based on science. It also contributes to medical research, which is required at this time, while mathematics is an essential requirement for engineering and inventions that help in easing the way of living.

The U.K. has shifted its focus on core subjects like business and finance, which play supporting roles. Moreover, there are rising flaws in the U.K. educational systems that students and parents are getting worried about. The inequality and unfairness have taken over the system as educational institutes do not have enough resources to teach quality education to the whole nation, and private education is getting expensive and out of reach.

The standard of education is diminishing, and teachers are becoming hesitant to try new methods of teaching or adopting more innovative approaches.

Embracing science and math will certainly assist in competing with countries like China, Germany, and America whose enforcement on these two subjects is unmatchable. To have a strong structure, a strong base is vital; similarly, the U.K. needs to divert more attention towards them as they believe to be pillars of an education system. As a state, it is their responsibility to reach every corner with standard education. Still, to be honest, there are numerous parameters and attributes to review, resulting in a gap.

Online learning is booming worldwide due to its benefits and role in society. Likewise, myhobbycourses in the U.K. have fulfilled the gap in demand and supply of education, particularly for math and science. There is a highly likely chance of unavailability of good teachers or institutes in every area of the country.

But that does not mean students must be left hanging and out of care and responsibility, myhobbycourses has created a platform with a user-friendly interface which allows students from any region or area to connect with the best teachers country has to offer. Metro cities like London, Leeds, or Manchester have more quality teachers, and it is not feasible for them to go from town to town to reach out to the students.

The unavailability of teachers results in a gap, and myhobbycourses embrace online tutoring gathering the best math and science teacher and students on one platform, bridging the vacuum.

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