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How online tutoring is a viable option in current lockdown situation?

May 18 , 2020
09:03 am
Andrew Willsom
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The coronavirus pandemic had changed the world upside down in many ways. People have been in lockdown for weeks together with no respite yet for the virus. Now, more governments are coming to a conclusion that we would have to live with the coronavirus.

This has made going for classes, schools, and colleges practically impossible. However, this does not mean that we would have to shun away from learning. There is always scope for people who wish to learn despite all the restrictions in place.

Online learning

One has to consider online learning to be one of the best options with the prevailing situation. This means that one does not have to be bound by time or their physical presence. By sitting at the comfort of their homes people can log on to the internet and learn the respective subjects.

They are not liable to travel to places since it is considered unsafe at the current moment. It would not be necessary to worry about traffic jams and other problems while learning online. Expert teachers are available with many online portals and are ready to teach different subjects through video conferencing.

Sessions include students being able to ask questions and have them answered by teachers. This means students would have sessions as personalized as the hope for in terms of having their doubts cleared. The traveling time that is otherwise spent towards reaching classes are greatly reduced as well.

The new norm

In the earlier days online tutoring was considered as an option for students. However, with the current scenario this one seems to be the best available option for students. Materials that you would usually get at classes can be downloaded for studies on to the computer of students.

The coronavirus situation does not seem to be getting any better soon. This means that beginning to learn online would be the wisest option for people who wish to learn. At least for a few weeks to a few months one would have to learn to embrace this method of learning.

There would not be any surprises and as a matter of fact this type of learning would become the new normal for most people going forward. It would cut down any risks of you being infected by the virus, maintain isolation, and yet learn all that you want to.

How tutors are benefitted?

Even as a teacher you would get to do all the teaching from the comfort of your home. The timings associated with this type of teaching can also be flexed in order to suit the students. Instead of traveling to the place of teaching they can stay at home and do their work. Being able to meet up with the timings of students is never a problem when classes are conducted online.

There are various portals that you can associate yourself with as a tutor and begin your teaching career online. This way there is no money lost due to the lockdown in place due to coronavirus. It would also ensure that you get your fair share of work while you are at home without worrying about being infected.

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