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Kids stuck at home? How to set-up homeschooling for your teen?

July 06 , 2020
14:01 pm
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The term homeschooling has been around since the 1970s, and people have adopted this approach of education for the betterment of their children. Homeschooling came into being as an alternative to conventional schooling.

There could be several reasons for it: dissatisfaction with the education provided in the schools, non-alignment of religious beliefs, derogatory culture, or maybe parents want to give their children more attention. Anyhow, homeschooling has emerged as a prominent option after the destruction from the pandemic of COVID-19.

Along with malls, businesses, airports, and restaurants, educational institutes have been shut for safety. Schools particularly have been closed for an indefinite period around the world. It makes parents anxious and worried about their children's future because if the base is shaken or weakened, the whole structure is non-resistant.

However, colleges and universities are managing online classes, but for schools, it is early to say if children can cope with online learning or not.

Having said that, parents are looking for other options, and homeschooling is one of them as it is not too difficult to set up nor require any statutory requirements. It is a temporary option that can be converted into permanent if everything falls in place.

Parents need to decide either they are going to teach children themselves or hire the services of a tutor to pursue homeschooling. Perhaps, there are few errands to run for parents before they can start homeschooling.

A friendly environment : There must be a separate space with a quiet atmosphere and a desk to work on. Make sure you schedule the study properly and divide the curriculum in a schooling manner. Besides, prepare a routine and duration for subjects in order to execute homeschooling properly.

Division of time : For effective and efficient results, it is your responsibility to ensure children spend their time as you have designed rather than wasting it on playing games, using social media, or watching videos. Divide time in a manner that everything is included in the plan; otherwise, restrictions would only make things unfruitful.

Scheduling properly : By structuring days and making timetables like one in school is more productive. It is essential to take input from your children while making a timetable and add breaks for meals, playing, and practicing any of their hobbies.

Online material : To make the learning progressive and fun, the inclusion of online material, exercises, and educational games can help develop and maintain interest in studies during homeschooling. It is also possible for you as a parent to get stuck in explaining a topic accurately; therefore, it is better to seek online help from any online education provider like myhobbycourses.

In other benefits, homeschooling is a great way to get close to your children and assist in raising them in the manner you want. There can be times where it gets monotonous and tedious; hence it is necessary to keep things fun and exciting by including a professional tutor.

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